The Platform Connecting Customers To Your
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Make Your Business Personal

Strengthen the relationship between you and your customers

  • Create 1-to-1 customer relationships.
  • BLUE supports a modern marketing suite with complete visibility into the customer journey.
  • Through a single point of integration, BLUE connects your marketing initiatives to your customers.

Transaction Tracker

Manage “Earn & Burn” of Customer Currency

Choose from a variety of options to engage customers across channels and choose between multiple “earn & burn” structures.

Profile Manager

Collect & Aggregate First-Party Data

BLUE acts as the connective tissue enabling business systems to communicate, resulting in a more robust and attributable customer profile that is accessible and actionable for stakeholders across your organization.

Rules Engine

Activate Data & Track Performance

Maximize your marketing efforts by activating customer profile data to create triggered and transactional rules that drive highly personalized customer experiences.

Rooted In A Common Platform

Don’t Build From
the Ground Up

Start new programs with most of the essential features already built and ready for deployment.

Common Code,
Unique Deployment

Configure the Platform to meet your business needs. Implement a unique program design, putting your brand first.

Platform, Purpose-Built
for the Future

Each new product addition supports all programs built on the platform. Take advantage of our R&D, at your pace.

Built To Meet Your Largest Business Needs

BLUE is the flexible, branded and highly configurable platform enabling customer engagement across your organization’s technology initiatives.

Get To Market Faster

Blue’s agility guarantees your brand’s program will be up and running in record time.

Real Time Access & Action

Access first-party, actionable customer data and implement marketing decisions in real time.

Flexible Design

Configure and optimize your program to meet your brand’s goals and ensure you’re always one-step ahead of changing consumer demands.


Emerging technologies create new customer touchpoints and industry demands. Invest in a platform-first approach to adapt to every innovation.

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