What is Belly?

Belly is here because we saw a need. A need to make loyalty easily accessible to all customers and readily available at every business. We offer a program that fits each business’s personality, culture, brand, and objectives in order to foster more personal relationships with their customers while simultaneously delivering meaningful customer analytics. We are taking the concept of “customer loyalty” and breaking it down to its simplest parts: a business and its customers.


In July of 2011, the iconic Belly iPad launched at a small comic bookstore in Chicago. For the very first time, a locally owned business could enhance its customer relationships by tracking in–store experiences and bringing them to the online world. Since then, Belly has grown to thousands of locations across the country, is in the hands of millions of Members, and has enhanced millions of customer experiences. The Belly platform includes best–in–class iPhone and Android mobile apps, Belly Bites for better customer acquisition, tools to facilitate online customer reviews and streamlined Facebook and Twitter integrations. And we are just getting started.

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