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Belly Bites: Acquire New Loyal Customers

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Grow your customer base every month with targeted offers to Belly Members near you who haven’t visited your business yet.

  • New Customers Only

    New Customers Only

    Toss out that fishbowl. Instead, capture customer emails every time they check in with Belly and watch your email list grow.

  • New Customers Only

    Control Customer Growth

    Belly Bites delivers a steady stream of up to 30 new customers into your business month after month. No surge effect, so it’s customer growth you can actually manage.

  • New Customers Only

    Increase Brand Exposure

    Your offer is promoted to Belly Members through web, mobile and targeted email campaigns, generating thousands of advertising impressions for your business.

  • New Customers Only

    Proven Success

    Belly’s closed-loop system not only tracks impressions but knows which customers come back to your store — the only platform of its kind to provide this level of attribution.

How Belly Bites Work

  • Create

    Choose a free offer to attract new customers into your business — “just a taste” of a signature product or service. Show off what you’ve got!

  • Promote

    We’ll advertise your Bite to Belly members who haven’t visited your business and send you up to 30 customers each month.

  • Track

    See the number of impressions your Bite receives, who visits your business, and how many members became repeat customers.

How Belly Bites Work

Dominican Joe Loves Bites

Domincan Joe Coffee

“Because a single customer visit at a coffee shop is a small transaction, the real value for us comes in turning a new customer into a repeat customer. Being able to track these repeat visits is the single most unique part of Belly Bites for us.”

Mehul Patel, Owner — Dominican Joe View the Full Story

Affordable Pricing For Every Business

  • Lite

    $129 /mo
    • Loyalty Program
    • Customer List Builder
    • 12 Email Campaigns
    • Belly Mobile App
    • Facebook Like Integration
  • Elite

    $179 /mo
    • Email Marketing Automation
    • Online Listing Manager
    • Unlimited Email Campaigns
    • Targeted Customer Acquisition
    • Configurable Loyalty Tools
    • Plus everything in Belly Lite!
  • Enterprise

    Contact Us
    • Branded Loyalty Program
    • POS & Systems Integration
    • Configurable Program Design
    • Collect & Activate First Party Data
    • Platform Supports Innovation

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