Why I Joined Belly

My name is Jeremy Haney and I recently joined the team at Belly as a Senior Technical Recruiter. As is the case with most candidates that I speak with, I really thought I was happy with my role and pleased with my employer, Google. Then I received an email from Belly asking me a simple question: “Have you considered working somewhere smaller?” That question resonated with me and ultimately sent me down a fact-finding mission that resulted in joining the Belly team. I wanted to take this opportunity to share my story about why I joined.


Given that I will spend many hours a week with my co-workers, the culture of my immediate team, as well as the company in general, was a huge factor for me. From the first moment I walked into the office and met my soon-to-be co-workers, I knew that something special was taking place within these walls. I was surrounded by hardworking, smart and passionate people, all the way from the CEO to the invisible receptionist in the lobby. It truly felt like home. If you are driven, have a sense of team, and strive for greatness, I’m sure that you would feel the same.


It wasn’t hard for me to visualize the impact I could have leading the technical recruiting efforts for a 120+ person company in which engineering drives product. The fact that we are primed for additional growth, and expanding into other markets across the country, only reinforced this feeling. It is also reassuring to be part of a small, nimble and scrappy team where everyone feels that the future of the company is limitless.

In regards to visibility, I am very eager to be part of the growing startup scene in Chicago and be the face for Belly recruiting in the tech scene. I embrace the challenge of working to attract the best local and non-local talent to the team, and continue to expand our outreach into the tech community. This type of expansion and growth is important to me because it will help to nurture a productive and diverse work environment. I can’t reiterate how important it is for me to feel that I’m having an impact on the local tech scene and creating opportunities for others.

Company Trajectory

Being a Recruiter, and having recruited heavily in the Bay Area, I knew the primary questions that one should consider when evaluating the viability of a start-up; how much funding have they raised, who are the investors, what is the product, who uses it, and market share, among many others. Belly passed all of these questions with flying colors. The amount of funding, and the actual list of investors (Belly has raised $33 million from Andreessen-Horowitz, NEA, 7-Eleven, Lightbank, DAG Ventures, Cisco and Silicon Valley Bank) was really impressive and looked like the list of investors for a Bay Area start-up, not one based in Chicago. In addition to funding, we have dominated in the mobile/local space and have positioned ourselves as the lead in market share. Taking these factors into account, I am extremely confident that we will continue our strong upward trajectory.

Thanks for taking the time to hear my story. I know there are several other factors that come into play when making a decision to change jobs or join a startup. I really feel strongly that there’s a tremendous and unique opportunity for anyone that joins the team here. If you would like to learn more about current technical roles at Belly or any other opportunities here, please contact me directly. By the way – as a way to thank qualified applicants for their time, I will be offering a free Nexus 7 tablet to any technical professional that interviews with our team.

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