Q&A: Flori

What was it that led you to a career in Computer Engineering?

It actually started pretty late for me. I was working as a restructuring consultant in the financial consulting industry. After doing that for a little over a year, I realized that I just wasn’t feeling passionate or excited about the work that I was doing. I was working with companies that were financially distressed, so it was a very high stress environment with a lot of travel. I rarely felt a connection with the projects I was working on since my clients and objectives were constantly changing. I wanted to be a part of building something long term.

I have a degree in Mathematics, so you could say I am a pretty logical thinker. I only took one computer science class in college, but I remember the homework feeling more like playing games than actual work. When I started to look for other things to do career-wise, I stumbled upon Dev Bootcamp. I applied and haven’t looked back since. Dev Bootcamp was an extremely difficult and rewarding experience. I was putting in long hours, but I hardly even noticed. What I was doing finally excited me, and it became clear that I had made a great decision. I was really looking forward to rejoining the workforce as an engineer.

What is it about Belly that caught your interest and made you want to join our awesome Engineering Team?

As soon as I graduated, I connected with a former Dev Bootcamp grad, Clark (an Engineer on our Data Team). He suggested that I do one of the Belly coding challenges. I went ahead and completed one and was immediately asked to come into the office for an interview. After meeting with 4-5 people on the Engineering team, I realized that working at Belly would mean being surrounded by extremely talented and down to earth engineers (a great situation for any junior developer). Belly’s culture and values really resonated with me, and I left my interview feeling excited about the possibility of joining Belly. I knew I wanted to do backend work and start contributing right away. Belly allowed me to do just that.

What is your role at Belly?

I am an Engineer on the Platform team. I was recently assigned to the “Be Mobile First” squad so a number of my responsibilities involve working with our services in order to further our mobile apps’ development. Aside from that, I have normal platform team duties that involve cleaning up our APIs when we see opportunities for improvement.

What are you most excited about working on while you’re here? What do you want to work on next?

What excites me about working at Belly isn’t necessarily one specific project, it is knowing that I have the opportunity to do many projects and learn new things. I have been working on the platform team and exploring lots of different technologies that we use. At some point, I may want to expand my knowledge base when it come to front-end or mobile and Belly would allow me to do that.

It is an awesome feeling to know that if I voiced a desire to work on something new, my managers would support me and and give me the tools and guidance to get where I wanted to be. I can’t pick one thing, it is just really exciting to see something that you work on go into production and see people using it.

What has been your favorite moment at Belly over these past two months?

Culture events, like the Cookie-off/Guac-off (these are blind taste-test contests for cookies and guacamole –see our Belly_Careers instagram for more context!). Although these events put us into a food coma, they build a sense of camaraderie throughout the office. Our “Lunch and Learns” are also something that set Belly apart from other companies. Roughly once a month, someone in the Company gets to give a talk on things they ’ve been working on or an interest of theirs. It is a good opportunity for employees to learn what people are working on in other parts of the office.

Are you familiar with our core values? Which is your favorite one and why?

I like all of Belly’s Core Values. I think the one that I instantly gravitated towards when I came into interview, is We Take our Work Seriously, but Not Ourselves. I work with extremely talented engineers but they are all really goofy and laid back and the stress level is never that intense. Of course, we have our panic moments, but overall the atmosphere is productive and collaborative. We have things that we know need to get done and no one slacks off. We understand what we are doing is important and we all have the same goals in mind.

Fun Facts:

I was born in Argentina and have always had a passion for traveling. My parents love to travel, so it’s been important to me since I was a child. I have spent a summer in Australia and in Ecuador. I ’ve been all over Argentina, and traveled to France, Spain, Italy,Thailand, Vietnam, and I am going to Chile next! Some other places on my list are Eastern Europe, New Zealand, and South Africa.

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