I Am a Builder

Everyday I see designers and developers working alongside one another. They work intelligently in pursuit of business objectives. They work diligently making exceptional products. They solve real problems and take pride in their work. They are builders.

It’s easy to call yourself a web designer or developer but it’s a different case to call yourself a builder. A builder works closely with their team helping out wherever necessary, be it tedious or strenuous tasks. Builders see challenges as opportunities and frequently step outside their comfort level without hesitation.

Perhaps you’ve heard the argument whether it’s development or design that drives success. Truth be told, builders drive success with a keen product sensibility. They don’t place too much importance on design or development individually. Builders understand the significance of both, and know how to leverage design and development according to a project’s needs.

Apple has risen to be one the most profitable companies in history. Why is this? Is it because of their design or their development? Both. Apple has taken the time to value design just as much as development, and executes both of them with a solid vision. In doing so they have revolutionized multiple industries with creative products that are intuitive and reliable. Apple has assembled a powerful team of builders.

Don’t get tied to one aspect of a project, be it design or development. Work with your team, get your hands dirty, communicate, and keep an eye on the greater picture. You will quickly sharpen your understanding of the product as a whole and become an essential team member. You will be a builder.

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