Hi, I’m Eric

Hello! I recently joined the tech team at Belly, which calls for a self-introductory blog post. My name is Eric Kerr, and I grew up and attended college in Columbus, Ohio getting a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering with a minor in Entrepreneurship (it’s fine, I don’t think the later can be taught either, but the classes were interesting) from Ohio State. I grew up in a suburb north of the city a few miles northeast of this random field of concrete corn “art” and played soccer for our high school.

Throughout high school and college I’ve always enjoyed tinkering with new technologies to figure out how they can work to solve real world problems. After my first quarter at Ohio State, I moved to San Francisco and took a leave of absence from college to co-found a company called AppLoop, which allowed publishers to easily create native iPhone applications and had a (very half-baked) real-time location-based advertising platform. While the company ultimately didn’t succeed, I learned more than I could have ever imagined about backend services, the importance of focus and clarity, and the value of validating ideas in the market before building the wrong product.

I worked at Cloudera as an intern on their Cloudera Desktop (now Cloudera Enterprise) team doing UI work in MooTools and Django. I worked remotely and managed the front-end of their corporate website until I graduated in 2011. My senior capstone project was DryerBro, a mobile app that alerts you when your laundry’s done. Since graduating, I’ve worked at a product development shop in Columbus and have been working on a startup called TicketFire, which allows you to scan paper tickets into your phone to easily use, share, or resell them digitally.

I’m very excited to join Belly to help make it a great experience that both merchants and customers enjoy using. Some technologies I’m looking forward to working with here are CoffeeScript, CSS3/HTML5, Backbone.js, Angular.js, Ruby, and Node.js.

Outside of work I enjoy cheering on Buckeye football and basketball, watching soccer (USA! and The Crew), rooting on the Blackhawks, going to concerts, scuba diving, and looking for an excuse to travel somewhere new.

You can follow me on Twitter at @erickerr.

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