Frequently, Questions Are Asked

That’s why we’re here to answer them.

Belly Basics

  • What is Belly?

    Belly is a universal loyalty program that offers unique and exceptional rewards to places you love. Simple as that.

  • How do I become a Belly Member?

    Pick up a card at any of our locations. Tap the “Join Now” button then just scan the barcode on the tablet and enter in your email address. Don’t want to carry another card in your wallet? Then download the mobile app for iPhone or Android.

  • How does Belly work?

    Earn points by scanning the barcode of your BellyCard or on your Belly mobile app on the in-store tablet. Friendly reminder: points are specific to each business and can only be used for redemption at that location. Redeem rewards by tapping on any reward that you are eligible to redeem and show the confirmation to the nearest employee!

  • Where can I find places to Belly at?

    You can check out Belly locations at Belly Businesses are tagged with a blue pin. To get that business’ information, click on the blue pin. You can also view locations in our mobile app. Just click “Home” in the side bar to find businesses near you.

  • I lost my BellyCard. How do I get a new one without losing all of my points?

    Just pick up a card at any Belly Business. Scan the card at the iPad, enter in the same email address used for your previous account, tap “Register” and then choose to link the accounts.

  • I forgot to scan my BellyCard/app. Whoops.

    To add these points to your account, please email a photo of the receipt from your visit Please include your Belly account information along with the name and address of the business and the date of the visit.

  • I got a new phone. Did I lose all of my Belly Points?

    All Belly acitivity is tied to your email address. As long as you are logged into your app with the same email address and password used with your old phone, the app on your new phone will have all of your points.

BellyCard the Card

  • I can’t activate my card aka “My card isn’t working!”

    There are two steps to setting up your BellyCard. First, “Register” your card at the in-store iPad. Scan your card and you’ll be prompted to enter your email address. Enter it. Then “Activate” your card by clicking the confirmation link in the email you’ll receive. Now your new card is ready to use!

  • The QR code on my card is different from the one on my app. Is that ok?

    Each card and app has a unique QR code. As long as your app and card (or multiple cards) are tied to the same email address, your points will be for the same account.

  • Can I link my card and app?

    You betcha! Just follow the instructions below that match up to your request.

    To link the card to your current account:

    • Scan card on the in-store iPad
    • Enter in the same email address used for your account
    • Register
    • Choose to link the accounts

    If you just downloaded the phone app and want to link your card to your app:

    • Open the app and sign in
    • Enter in the same email address and password associated with the card

    Now you can use your card or phone!

  • I picked up a BellyCard, but did not register it to my email address. Now what?

    Hop on your skateboard and head to the nearest Belly Business because you need to officially register your card in-store.

    If you picked up a card and created an account online:

    • Visit any business
    • Scan card on the in-store iPad after your purchase
    • Enter the email that you used to create your account online
    • Tap “Register”
    • Choose to link the accounts

    If you do not have an account with Belly yet and picked up a card:

    • Visit any business
    • Scan card on the in-store iPad after your purchase
    • Enter your email address
    • Tap “Register”

Account Info

  • How do I change the email address associated with my account?

    Log into your current account at

    • Click on “Account”
    • Click “Settings”
    • Click “Profile”
    • Then make any necessary changes that you’d like and click “Update”

    If you never set up a password for your current account, please create a password first:

    • Go to and click on “Sign in” in the upper-right hand corner
    • Click on “Don’t know your password?”
    • Enter in the SAME email address used with your current belly account and click Reset Password
    • Go to your email inbox and open up the Belly email
    • Click on Change My Password
    • Enter in your new password twice for confirmation (It is case sensitive)
    • Reset! Then follow the steps to login and change your email address.
  • I forgot my password.

    Too many passwords, we get it. Visit and follow the instructions below:

    • Click on “Sign In” or “Sign Out”
    • Click “Don’t know your password?”
    • Enter in the email address linked to your Belly account
    • Once submitted, you’ll receive an email – ignore the screen that you see after submitting
    • Open up the email and click on the link to reset your password
    • Enter in the password you’d like to use TWICE for confirmation
    • Remember: It is case sensitive!
  • I want to unsubscribe from emails.

    This makes us sad. But if you really want to update your email settings, follow these steps:

    • Sign into your account at
    • In the upper right hand corner choose “My Account”, and then “Settings”.
    • Choose the tab on the left that says “Email Preferences”.
    • Uncheck notications that you no longer wish to receive.
  • I recently moved but am still receiving emails from my previous city. Umm…

    Our email logic is based off of your Belly activity. As soon as you check into more businesses in your new city, you’ll start receiving emails from that location. So go out there and Belly your face off!

  • How can I connect to Facebook?

    To integrate with Facebook, your Belly email needs to be the same one linked to your Facebook account. Therefore, please change your Facebook email to be the same as your Belly email.


  • How do I earn points?

    Points are earned by scanning the barcode of your BellyCard or on your Belly mobile app on the in-store tablet.

  • If I don’t have my card with me‚ how do I earn points for my visit?

    You can check in with the email associated with your account. For security reasons, you cannot get a reward when using your email address. Make sure you use your card or app next time!

  • The iPad was offline and I couldn’t earn points.

    When the business loses Internet connection it can bump our iPads offline. If you checked in with Belly as you normally do while the iPad was offline, your points will be visible in your account as soon as the iPad is back online. If you did not attempt to check in, please email a photo of the receipt from your visit

  • I want to see all of the points I have earned at different stores. How do I do that?


    • Sign into your account
    • Choose Dashboard
    • Scroll down and you’ll see your point activity

    In the mobile app:

    • Make sure you’re signed in
    • Tap on the “Home” tab on the left
    • Scroll to the right through the rewards programs you’ve joined to view your point total
  • Do I need to purchase something to get my Belly Points?

    It’s up to the business to decide but most require Belly Members to make a purchase when they check in.

  • Do Belly Points expire?

    Your Belly Points will never expire and can be redeemed at your leisure for as long as the business has its loyalty program.

  • My favorite business just uninstalled Belly. What happens to my points?

    Unfortunately there’s not much we can do if a business decides to end their loyalty program. However, if you earned points at a multi-location business and one decides to no longer use Belly, you can redeem your points at one of their locations that still uses Belly.


  • How do I redeem points for rewards?

    Just scan your card on the iPad like you normally would and you will see a list of rewards for that business! Choose the point value of the reward you’d like to redeem, confirm it and show the nearest employee the confirmation screen.

  • Why can’t I redeem points for rewards when I check in with my email address?

    You can only get rewards by checking in with either the physical BellyCard or your mobile app. We don’t want someone who knows your email address to be able to get your rewards!

  • What happens to my point total after I redeem points for a reward?

    The point value of the reward is subtracted from your total points. For example, if you have 20 points and redeem a reward for 20 points, then you will have 0 points at that business. If you have 20 points and redeem a reward for 15 points, you will have 5 points remaining at that location. Math!

Belly Bites

  • How do I add a Belly Bite?

    To add a Belly Bite, you can reserve the Bite within the app by tapping the “Add” button. You can also reserve Belly Bites on our website at and choose “Reserve Bite.”

  • How do I redeem a Belly Bite?

    Please let an employee know that you are about to redeem a Belly Bite, just so they have a heads-up. Then, check in at the iPad as you normally would with either your card or app. A pop-up will confirm that the Bite is yours. Show the employee and you’re good to go!

  • How do I un-reserve a Belly Bite?

    You are unable to un-reserve Belly Bites. Please wait for it to expire, and then re-reserve it at a time when you are able to redeem it within the time frame.

  • What does it mean to be waitlisted for a Belly Bite?

    Being waitlisted means that there is a high demand for that Belly Bite so we’ve added a waitlist to ensure control. You will be notified via email when you are bumped off the waitlist and able to redeem the Bite. You can also wait for the Bite to expire and re-add it at a later date.

  • Why can’t I add a Belly Bite to my account?

    The purpose of Belly Bites is to get new customers in the door. So, if you’ve already visited a Belly Business and earned points there, you will not be able to add their Belly Bite. You will be “ineligible” for this free offer. Only Belly Members who have never Belly’d at that business are eligible for the Belly Bite they’re offering.

Account Details

  • What is a “Partner Card”? How do I get one?

    Your Belly Partner Card allows you to access your Command Center directly from the iPad where you can view analytics, edit rewards & easily adjust points, request more BellyCards, and activate features.

    To set up or create a new Partner Card, grab any BellyCard and input your partner email address. Activate the card by clicking the link in the email we will send to you. If you have any questions or need further assistance call

  • Do I need WiFi for Belly?

    Yes, WiFi is critical for Belly to work. Members cannot redeem points for rewards if there isn’t a WiFi connection.

  • How do I send an email, offer Belly Bites, track customer activity?

    Log into the Web Command Center! Create emails and Belly Bites and connect them back to in–store customer activity.

  • What do I do if another business tells me they’re interested in getting Belly?

    Give them a high five and tell them they’re making the right choice! Call your MSM and they’ll get in touch with your contact right away.


  • How does the redemption process work?

    After a customer checks in with Belly, they’ll know which rewards they are eligible to redeem if it is blue in their rewards list. Just ask them to the tap the reward on the iPad screen, verify the redemption and show you or an employee.

  • Why is this Member having issues redeeming a reward?

    Make sure that your WiFi is connected! Members must have a verified BellyCard account and enough points to redeem each reward; this can be confirmed if the reward appears in blue after they check in with Belly.

  • How do I change/edit my rewards?

    You can edit rewards directly from the iPad in the Command Center. Check in with your Partner Card and click “Edit Rewards.”

  • How do I keep track of redemptions?

    You can view redemption data on the Web Command Center by clicking on the “Rewards” tab on the left.

  • Can customers redeem points at my business that they have earned at other Belly Businesses?

    No, points are specific to the location they were earned at.


  • How do members replace their BellyCard?

    Just ask them to grab a new one, scan it and enter the email address they previously registered.

  • How does a member “verify” their BellyCard?

    Ask them to open the email they received from Belly and click the link!

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