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Why Enterprise Brands Need Nimble Technology for Customer Growth

Enterprise brands

Our recent news about 7-Eleven’s expansion with Belly has sparked discussion on the impact digital partners can have on scaling customer acquisition and loyalty efforts for multi-national retailers. Growing from 400 to 2600 locations in the US and Canada is a testament to the proven success we have had in solving core digital marketing needs for the C-store.

Historically, big brands have tried to crack the code on loyalty – attempting to tackle retention and acquisition alone – with no viable solutions for linking in-store redemptions to online customer profiles, and no data to create targeted messaging strategies to get guests back. Brands were more likely to commission agencies and marketing consultants to build customized reward solutions that required long development timelines and unpredictable costs.

Now, many may wonder, is partnering with a tech platform an alternative worthy of exploring further?

Definitively, yes. With this expansion, we’ve shown that Belly can scale large Enterprise rollouts and successfully influence customer behavior. As an elite technology startup, we are nimble in nature, which allows us to test, innovate and iterate quickly with the growing digital demands brands face. It’s become our mission to help these brands scale quickly and achieve growth by:

  • developing customized rewards geared at building customer affinity
  • capturing real-time customer insights
  • driving customers back more frequently with targeted offers
  • driving guests in during slow times by analyzing customer stats on visits
  • incentivizing lapsed customers with relevant offers to influence shopping behavior
  • bringing in a "new" type of guest who spends more over time
  • identifying guest purchasing behavior
  • influencing guest spend habits by highlighting new items
  • powering seasonal promotions and targeted campaigns

Our test pilot with 7-Eleven was launched across Chicago, Los Angeles and Austin to just under 400 stores. By studying store interactions closely, we outperformed KPIs set by marketing and innovation teams. And, by installing in a quarter of the 7-Eleven locations across the US and Canada, we can continue to build and expand our growing network of Members, one of the advantages in partnering with Belly.

Here are a few more reasons why Belly is a better alternative than going it alone:

  • Fast Time To Market – In today’s rapidly changing digital landscape, Belly has remained the leader in loyalty, and saves Enterprise businesses the time and opportunity cost of developing a product and enrolling new members from the ground up. Our turn-key platform is proven, tested and can accelerate your time to market.
  • Customer Network – Through our growing network of 3 million+ members, Belly can bring new loyal customers to your store for a fraction of the cost of paid advertising channels or search engine optimization.

  • Online Redemption Portal – To date, Belly has the largest customer-facing iPad network in the nation. The iPad provided to each location becomes the "portal" for enrolling new members, tracking in-store foot traffic and providing robust store level analytics.

  • Marketing Automation – Belly’s platform fuels all closed-loop marketing efforts at the local level with both retention and acquisition email marketing programs designed to drive customer engagement.

  • World-Class Mobile Experience – Consumers have the ease of discovering businesses through the iOS and Android app. Enterprises reap the benefit future technology innovations of Belly’s top-tier mobile partnerships with Google, Apple and Samsung (iBeacon, Wallet, Payments, etc.)

  • Built-In Infrastructure For Scale & Support – From install to optimization, our team provides expert operational processes and vital support that ranges from in-store POP, onsite training and technical assistance.

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