What’s Next for Belly

Today I have some good news and bad news. I don’t want to bury the bad news, so we’ll start with that. The Company is focused on a new road ahead. That road requires a shift to a long-term independent route and growth into a strategically important new customer segment, Enterprise. This evolution of our offering means we had to say goodbye to some of our talented employees, and in all cases, friends. We have taken care of them as best as possible to ensure they have a soft landing and time for a new beginning for their careers. In addition, with this change our CEO and founder Logan LaHive has transitioned from his day-to-day role, but will stay actively involved with the Belly as a Board Member.

The good news is that this evolution of our business brings us to profitability, providing an opportunity to invest wisely in the future of the business. How did we get here? When we started in 2011, we had a vision to leverage technology and replace antiquated loyalty programs for small businesses. Over time, we grew Belly’s loyalty platform to thousands of small businesses, creating millions of loyalty memberships for our businesses. As our products and customer base continued to grow, we saw an exciting opportunity to further evolve our technology platform beyond small businesses into enterprise businesses and brands; helping them connect with customers in new ways. Over the last few months, we rolled out our latest product BLUE – aimed at helping large brands and retailers align loyalty marketing goals with local results. The success of BLUE has shown us a natural opportunity to grow our business for long-term success and we’re excited to continue to build new tools for our customers.

Lastly, and I hope this is good news, after over four years in financial and operational roles, I’ll be stepping into the CEO role at Belly. I could not be more thrilled to lead this incredible team. We wouldn’t be where we are today without Logan’s leadership and all our amazing employees’ commitment. I’m grateful for this opportunity and the exciting road ahead for Belly. We look forward to continuing this journey with our customers for years to come.