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The Web Command Center: A Treasure Trove of Insights and Analytics

Running a small business is one of the toughest jobs on the planet. You’re tasked with overseeing the hiring process, finances, buying, and day-to-day operations that keep your business successful and thriving. You are pulled in so many different directions that at times it can be difficult to manage everything by yourself and some aspects of the business may be left untended. Often the aspects left on the back burner are your marketing initiatives. However, hiring additional employees to relieve the burden may not necessarily be fiducially responsible. According to a recent survey, 30% of small business owners feel like they don’t have the budget to hire someone to manage their marketing efforts. Enter programs like Belly: Belly is not just a digital punchcard – it’s a loyalty platform. In addition to rewarding your customers for visiting your business, you are provided with a “Web Command Center,” which houses a suite of marketing tools and an incredible amount of customer insights and analytics that you can leverage to help guide your marketing plan.

Your Dashboard: When you first login to the Web Command Center, you are greeted by a dashboard that houses three pieces of crucial information: the number of customers that have visited your business, the amount of visits those customers have generated, and the number of rewards your customers have redeemed. You’ll be able to see the cumulative total of these three stats, but more importantly, you are able to manipulate the data to focus on a specific set of dates.

Do you have a feeling that Tuesdays are slow? Turn that feeling into fact and take a look at your numbers for the 10 most recent Tuesdays. Is the number of visits lower than average? If so, leverage that information and do something to ramp up your foot traffic by offering a slight discount, or extra points to customers if they come in during that day. Did your customer visits spike during the month of May when you debuted your seasonal fresh fruit smoothies? Take that as a hint and either find a way to keep the recipe on your menu year round, or offer comparable seasonal products that can entice customers to come in for the duration of the year. The insights in your dashboard are right at your fingertips and can help tremendously when you’re looking to gauge your business’s performance with your most loyal customers.

Your Email Tools: Most small business owners, when surveyed, noted that they did not have enough time or knowledge to put together a marketing campaign. And when they did have time to put one together, 55% of small business owners relied only on anecdotal evidence from customers to determine its success. The Web Command Center targets those two areas of concern with clarity and ease.

There are two distinct types of marketing campaigns that live in the Web Command Center which you can use to communicate directly with your existing customers. There’s no need to collect business cards in a fishbowl and input those email addresses one by one into a separate email tool – the list is automatically generated for you when customers check in at your business. “Campaigns” is a messaging tool used to distribute updates, offers, or invitations to every customer that has enrolled in your loyalty program. And they only take about 10 minutes to create! Auto-Engage emails are drip Campaigns you set up once to automatically target lapsed customers and incentivize them to come back and see you again. As soon as you create these offers, they will automatically send to your customers based on their visit history, which means after putting in only 10 minutes of effort up front you will be sending customized offers to a targeted audience on a regular basis without having to lift a finger.

Once these marketing campaigns have sent, you will have access to more traditional marketing stats such as the number of emails delivered, open rates, and click through rates. And because the Web Command Center and emails sent from it are part of Belly’s loyalty platform, you’re able to dive even deeper into the data and analytics of your latest marketing initiative. With all Auto-Engage emails, as well as Campaigns with a reward attached, you can actually see how many times the reward has been redeemed, and how many visits that particular promotion has driven. From there, you can tailor future offers and emails so that they have the biggest impact on lifting your customer visits. Organic and anecdotal customer feedback about how appreciative your customers are of that 50% off coupon you mailed out is great, but empirical evidence that shows that your Buy One Get One Free offer actually drives more visits is much more valuable in terms of forming impactful marketing endeavors in the future.

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