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Want to Prevent Fraud In Your Loyalty Program? Go Digital

Your loyalty program is an integral part of your business. With it you can reward loyal customers, incentivize them to come back to your shop, and showcase your top products…so what’s not to like? Well, fraud. With a traditional punchcard program, tracking is difficult, and you often have no real way of knowing how much product you are actually giving away. The solution? Go digital! Below are a few ways in which a digital loyalty program can help you combat fraud.

Digital loyalty programs have a distinct advantage over their non-digital counterparts. What’s that, you may ask? The answer lies in the ability to track both your customers, and their redemption history.

With a traditional punchcard, there’s no way to control just how many stamps your customers are getting. Your employees are on the front lines of the business and often build strong relationships with your customers, which is a great thing! An extra punch for a loyal customer isn’t so bad…but what happens when your employee’s pals come in once a month and rack up extra punches just because they have an “in” with the cashier? You, as a business owner, have no way of knowing that this is occurring. With a digital loyalty program, however, “punches” or points are automatically given to your customers through some sort of digital interface. The likelihood of human error (or doctoring as the case may be), is decreased, and you’ll be able to track visits in real time.

With a loyalty program like Belly, you have the option of giving your employees the ability to manually adjust a customer’s points. “But wait, they’ll be able to manually add points to their friend’s account,” you’re probably saying. Yes, but you’ll receive an email every time points are adjusted.

Digital loyalty programs also allow you to control how often a customer can get a “punch” or points. You decide if you want customers to be able to check in only once per hour, once every three hours, or even just once per day. That way, you can curb a customer’s desire to order their smoothie and then immediately come back to the register because they “forgot” their blueberry muffin, when they really just wanted to double up on punches.

Moreover, you’ll actually have the ability to view which rewards or offers were redeemed, and exactly how many times. It’s much simpler to pull up a dashboard with your business’s statistics than to try to keep track of how many business-card-sized punchcards your customers have turned in.

Digital loyalty programs often come with the ability to email your customers. Utilizing the integrated email tool instead of sending out a coupon through another service helps reduce fraud tremendously. In theory, customers can print out a coupon and use it as many times as they’d like within the given time frame. But if you utilize the email tool connected to your digital loyalty program, you’ll be able to attach the coupon automatically to each customer’s account. This way, customers will only be able to redeem the offer once by visiting your business and “checking in” for a punch or points.

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