customer success stories

Triple Fresh Market

Jim Petro’s father opened Triple Fresh Market 30 years ago, and it was the primary grocery store in Coatesville, PA for many years. Fast forward to present day and several grocery chains, drug stores and convenience stores all compete with Triple Fresh as the grocery option for local residents.

Even though the landscape of retail has changed in the town, Triple Fresh Market has always maintained a “small town feel” and made it their mission to know every customer who comes in their store. “We know the majority of customers by name when they walk through the door and they know our employees as well,” says Jim who now owns and operates the store. The changing retail climate is challenging to keep up with, so when it came time to invest in a loyalty program that would allow Jim easy access to customer data and marketing tools, he chose Belly.

“You have to reward your customers and make them feel good for coming into your business,” said Jim.

Not only is Belly a fit for Jim economically, but it allows him to connect with customers like never before via a suite of customizable rewards unique to Triple Fresh Market. For customers who accumulate enough points, Triple Fresh will send one of their chefs to that customer’s house to make dinner for 6 people. Jim says, “There is a lot of interest among our customers (for this reward). Many will tell us they’re working up to it and to ‘Tell your chef to get ready.’”

Other rewards offered at Triple Fresh include $1 off a sandwich, which is easy to attain and provides customers with instant gratification. Through the Belly platform, Jim has been able to open up the lines of communication with his customers, whether it’s talking in store about the rewards they can redeem, or sending email Campaigns to customers letting them know about an upcoming promotion or event. “Our area doesn’t lend itself to a lot of direct advertising, so being able to keep in touch with customers has really helped us maintain relationships with them,” says Jim.

Back in September, Jim sent an email Campaign to his customers promoting a Customer Appreciation week which he called “Treasure Our Customers Week”. Customers could earn special discounts or prizes with a grand prize raffle at week’s end.

After sending this email, Triple Fresh Market experienced a 14% increase in check-ins from those customers who opened the email, and a 3% increase overall in visits to his store versus the previous 6 weeks. It’s this kind of data that provides Jim with the instant feedback he needs to determine if the information he is sending his customers is impactful to his business. “I see exactly how many emails were opened and if there are any clicks on the link I included.” To keep customers engaged, Jim tries to send email Campaigns at least once a month. By logging into his Web Command Center, Jim can easily build event Campaigns within minutes. “It’s very simple. The layout is easy. It only takes a few minutes to set one up.”

Since signing up with Belly, Triple Fresh Market has signed up over 1900 customers into their Belly loyalty program and amassed over 41,000 visits. Through Belly’s suite of marketing tools, like Campaigns, Jim has been able to keep the lines of communication open with his customers and easily engage and reward his most loyal customers with rewards unique to his business.