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Summertime Email Marketing Strategy

It’s summertime! For small businesses, it’s a season filled with promotions, holidays and special events – and an opportunity to change up your email marketing strategy to encourage your customers to visit your business. We’ve put together simple ideas for summer-themed email promotions that will encourage loyal customers to visit more often these next few months. Taking it a step further, we even created special summer email templates for our Belly Merchants to use. It’s as easy as copy/paste!</span>

1. “Summerize” Your Weekly Specials

Consider incorporating seasonal messages into your already existing specials and weekly promotions.

  • For a Restaurant or Bar: Switch up your standard Happy Hour. Something like, “Fun in the Sun! Enjoy Half Off Summer Cocktails from 5pm-7pm on Tuesdays.”
  • For a Coffee Shop: “Cool Down with an Iced Latte!”
  • For Pet Care: Create specials and share your tips for summer doggy care such as, “Wash off the Sand After Your Doggy Beach Day.”
  • For a Salon or Spa: Create summery specials like “Get a Clean Cut for the Summer” or “Get that Healthy Summer Glow with a Spray Tan.”
  • For a Boutique: Create a sale for shoppers to enjoy, “Summer Dresses, Tops and Accessories.”

Pro Tip: Write down your most popular items, weekly specials and promotions and think of how they would appeal to your customers in the warmer months ahead. Pair these promotions with discounts and offers to get people in during slow times.

2. Pick Summer Themes That Fit Your Business

Think of why your customers LOVE summer. Include the words that resonate with people during this time of year in your email copy.

  • Beat the Heat
  • Cool Down
  • Sizzling Sales
  • Summer Deals
  • Summer Fun
  • Celebrate Summer
  • Dine Outside
  • Come in on Beach Day
  • Cool Down on the Way to Work
  • Summer Weekend Staycation Specials
  • For Father’s Day: Celebrate Summer with Dad
  • For 4th of July: Red, White & Blue, This Special is For You!
  • End of Summer Labor Day Sales

3. Check Your Calendar – Get your hands on a City Guide!

Coordinate promotions with scheduled celebrations and events in your city. According to American Express and the NY Times, 70% of American families are planning a Staycation this summer. Of these, 46% plan to attend a nearby festival or concert, 41% plan to visit a local museum, 36% plan to eat out at restaurants more often, 20% are planning a spa treatment, and 13% plan to schedule a golf outing. Talk about a busy summer!

Key Dates in May:

  • Memorial Day Weekend 

Key Dates in June:

  • Flag Day 
  • Father’s Day 
  • Summer Solstice

Key Dates in July:

  • 4th of July

Key Dates in August:

  • Back to school

Key Dates in September:

  • Labor Day

Find your City Guide by searching online terms like “Summer event calendar in [Insert your town or city]” or search tourism and Chamber of Commerce sites. For Chicago, we have these:

  • TimeOut Summer Festivals Guide
  • City of Chicago Events

4. Partner Up & Cross Promote

Connect with businesses that have complementary products or services to yours.

  • Coffee Shops and Bike Rentals: Grab and Go This Summer – Get Your Cold Latte and Enjoy a Bike Rental for Half Off
  • Boutique & Restaurant: Shop Summer Items for 10% Off & Enjoy Dinner for 2 on the Patio

5. Offer Free Items on Holidays

Call attention to items that customers may not know of yet like new food, a special cocktail, or new service. Drive customers through the door by giving them something to try for free.

With Belly, you can even offer Double Belly Points during your slow hours as an added incentive to get customers into your business.

6. Revamp Your Loyalty Rewards Program

Update your rewards with summer themes in mind. Think “Beat the heat! 25% off a cool beverage!”

7. Host an Event

Invite your customers to a Summer-only event.

The warm weather provides a great opportunity to invite your most loyal customers to a BBQ, Sidewalk Sale or special event that your business can host. Turning your venue into a gathering place for outdoor concerts, parties and gatherings will help you keep people coming back!

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