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“Spring Forward” Email Campaign Template for Coffee Shops

Spring is in the air! We created these pre-crafted email campaigns for you, our Merchant partners, to send to your customers. It’s as simple as copy & paste!

Send an Announcement Campaign to your customers to let them know what’s new at your business this season. Follow the steps below to build and send your Campaign, and feel free to use the suggested copy, too!

Simply use the email copy and images below:

  1. Log Into Your Web Command Center

  2. Select “Campaigns” from the top menu

  3. Select “New Campaign”

  4. Select “Send An Announcement”

  5. Create Your Announcement

  6. Copy and Paste this into the Email Subject Line field: “Longer Days Mean More Time To Spend At Your Business Name!”

  7. Copy and Paste this into the Headline field: “Daylight Savings? Who Cares!”

  8. Add a custom image by downloading the image below to use in your Campaign

Click here to download this image. 

  1. In the Campaigns tool, select “Click here to choose an image”

  2. Click “Upload Your Own”

  3. Drag the image you downloaded or browse for the image

  4. Select “Choose Image”

  5. In the “Email Body Copy” text box, copy and paste this:

“Now that the days are getting longer, there’s so much more to do. Don’t get caught snoozin’ – stop by and enjoy a Insert Signature Beverage to get you through the day. Thanks for your loyalty, we can’t wait to see you soon!”

  1. If you have a website that you’d like your customers to visit, select “Yes, include a link” and write the link to your website. If you do not want customers visiting your website, simply select “No thanks.”

  2. Select “Continue”

  3. Now schedule and send your Campaign. Choose the date you’d like to send your email campaign on

  4. Preview your email on the right hand side of your screen to make sure it looks A-Ok.

  5. Select “Send!”

You’re done!

Spread the love to your social channels as well. Use the copy below for Twitter and Facebook. 

Twitter: Give yourself a caffeine boost at <Insert @Twitter handle>! Stop on by for our Insert Signature Beverage.

Facebook: Sleep is for the weak! Stop on in for our Insert Signature Beverage. Thanks for your continued loyalty, we can’t wait to see you soon!

Click here to download a new Facebook Cover Photo.

Remember, if you want to send this Campaign but are having trouble, call your Merchant Success Manager to help you out!