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Send Emails Your Customers Will Actually Read

There’s a lot of opportunity in email marketing. When done properly, it can increase a company’s customer loyalty and retention. For small and medium-sized businesses, in particular, making the switch to online marketing strategies is crucial for maintaining connections with customers. But email marketing can be intimidating, especially for small businesses who rely on old fashioned customer relations. Yet email marketing for small businesses is actually a golden and innovative tool to enhance personable relationships with every customer who comes through your door. With the proper tools, email marketing can make your customers feel valued by sending them personal invitations to upcoming events, information about loyalty rewards, notifications about special sales, or other information that will remind them why your business is so great. Plus with certain services, like Belly’s Campaigns Tool, you can keep track of every interaction customers have with your business, so that they’re receiving promotions that are personalized to their relationship with your company.

While emails are an excellent and inexpensive marketing component, creating an email marketing campaign can be tricky for those who are just getting started. Improper emailing practices can overwhelm your customers, and actually, cause them to unsubscribe from your loyalty program. If you own a small or medium sized business, consider the following tips to build valuable correspondences with your clients, and send emails that your customers will actually read.

Always send emails that have a purpose.

Too many emails are annoying. Spare your customers from inbox overload by only sending relevant emails. Each should have a specific purpose and provide incentives for customers to revisit your business. For example, you may want to offer your customers promotional deals, like a BOGO sale on merchandise, a free coffee with the next purchase of a pastry, or a 10% discount on their next haircut. Alternatively, you may want to invite your customers to check out your new location, try a new item on your menu, or claim their loyalty rewards. Just make sure that you are not overwhelming your customers with emails, as this is likely to cause them to unsubscribe to your loyalty program.

Create engaging and clear subject lines.

Subject lines should be informative and engaging for customers, providing them with an incentive to not only open on your email but to also want to visit your business. Including the purpose of your email in the subject line is especially important, as it has been known to significantly increase the click rate of promotional emails. If your email subject line is weak, it probably won’t get read. With Campaigns, you can track which emails received the highest open rates.

Segment your customers.

By segmenting your customers, you can match them with promotional offers that correspond to their interests and relationship with your company. With Campaigns, you can segment based on engagement so that you’re employing the best strategies to retain customer loyalty and reconnect with lapsed customers, too. When it comes to loyalty programs for small businesses, segmenting your clients is an excellent way to build strong connections and allow each customer to feel valued through targeted marketing and reward strategies.

Take time to time your emails.

When it comes to emails, timing is everything. For some companies, the best time to send emails is on weekdays during business hours, as this is the time when most office workers are at their computers. For other businesses, the weekends or after hours may work better. By understanding when your emails are opened and read, you can significantly affect the success of your email campaign.

Never stop improving.

Want to know the best part about email marketing? It’s really easy to keep getting better at it. Be sure to track and compare the results of every campaign you run and make adjustments to optimize your email marketing tactics.

Are you ready to behold the power of email marketing? Then get started with Belly today!