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Send Better Emails All Year Long

You know what your customers love? Emails from you! But you know what they hate? Lame, boring emails that don’t stand out and look like everything else crowding their inbox. So, how do you give your customers what they want?

Use our email templates! We’ve designed 3 new email header images which you can use all year to ignite action from your customers. Try them out and let us know how they work!

Double Belly Points

Turn on Double Belly Points to drive customer visits. Set this feature on the weekends or during times of low foot traffic as a way to incentivize your customers to come in. Many Belly Businesses who’ve enabled Double Belly Points see between a 5% – 15% increase in visits, too.

Email Copy Suggestions –

Subject Line: What’s Cool Right Now? Double Belly Points!

Body Copy: Swing on by after work tomorrow and earn Double Points when you check in with Belly! Get even closer to that reward you’ve had your eye on. We look forward to seeing you!

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Instant Wins

Turn on Instant Wins to boost engagement at your business. Feature popular items or new services and set the odds on your Belly iPad so that customers have a chance to instantly win them after checking in. Contact your Merchant Success Manager for help setting up Instant Wins.

**Email Copy Suggestions –


Subject Line: Instant Rewards Happening Now At {Business Name}

Body Copy: Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Check in this week for your chance to win the jackpot and instantly win (giveaway 1) or (giveaway 2)!

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New Rewards

Let your customers know that you’ve added new rewards to your Belly lineup! Send them a peek via email to spark excitement. Before you know it, they’ll be streaming back into your business!

**Email Copy Suggestions –


Subject Line: Just Landed: New Reward at {Business Name}

Body Copy: We know what loyal customers like you love, which is why we recently added {Reward Name} to our Belly Rewards! Check in with Belly every time you visit and this reward will be yours once you’ve earned {Total Points}. See you soon!

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