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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: The Rise of the Robots or Tools That Will Change Your Customer Engagement Strategy Forever?

Hatch is your system of customer engagement, turning the analysis of machines into actions for real customers

News on machine learning and AI seems to be unavoidable these days; in industry publications, digital strategy consulting research and most recently, the grand political stage in Washington. Maybe you believe machine learning and AI are a reflection of the human condition’s tendency to sensationalize, or conversely you believe they will lead us to a looming robot take-over. Maybe the truth is in the middle. But change is inevitable.

All of this got us thinking about Hatch’s role in marketing tech leveraging machine learning and AI. Put very simply, we believe that Hatch is a system of customer engagement. Many of our retailers already have a data strategy. They have access to large amounts of data, and they have thought deeply about their systems of record and data schema. They also have the ability to deliver continuous insights from that data. In short, they have a system of analysis. However, they lack a system of customer engagement to translate that intelligence to a real consumer experience. They have no way to make these inherently non-personal concepts, personal.

Hatch’s role as a system of customer engagement is two-fold. First, our mission has always been, and will continue to be, to “Make Businesses Personal”. A system of customer engagement delivers information about the consumer experience back to our retailers. This includes information about how consumers bought, what they bought, how they desire to engage, how they responded to offers based on past purchase behavior and the quality of their consumer experience. In essence, we deliver data about how to best make the customer experience personal.

Second, and maybe even more valuable for retailers executing predictive intelligence data practices, we make data insights actionable. We build digital connections between large amounts of untapped retailer data and the individual consumer, helping companies continually apply optimized decision making to a real person. Our rules engine allows a customer to listen for any customer behavior or interaction and make real-time decisions on how best to engage them, based on our customer’s engagement strategy. We believe that, without Hatch, none of these predictive intelligence processes or models are actionable. They won’t have the opportunity to personalize the consumer experience if they can’t be applied to an individual. Hatch is the connective tissue bringing models and insights to the customer experience.

Hatch is already delivering on a future where every company’s expectation will be to deliver continuously optimized, personal customer experiences. We’re gathering vast amounts of behavioral data which was previously untouched, un-analyzed, and certainly not acted upon. We’re excited to share more about how our system of customer engagement will deliver value for our customers over the coming months.