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National Hot Dog Month

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What do backyard barbecues, the 4th of July and baseball games have in common? Hot diggity dogs! Since their introduction at Coney Island in 1870, hot dogs have grown to become a national staple. In fact, Americans consume 20 billion hot dogs per year, which is about 70 hot dogs per person – talk about a favorite food group! In honor of National Hot Dog Month (yes, it’s a full month!), we wanted to see how many hot dog rewards our Belly Members have received from hot dog stands using Belly.

Number of Hot Dog stands: 24
Members enrolled at Hot Dog businesses: 64,030
Percent of Members who are repeat customers: 44%
Number of hot dog rewards redeemed: 9,452

Devil Dawgs was our first hot dog location, they started with Belly on October 6, 2011. Watch their story here!

What is your favorite spot for dogs? Send us a tweet to let us know!

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