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Introducing The “Belly Feed” For Android!

We’ve learned that the happiest consumers are the ones who basically do nothing to get whatever they want. Let us rephrase that: Consumers today are inundated with relevant, need-to-know information through every digital channel they’re connected to. The products they’re most likely to buy are advertised as soon as they hop online, the news they care about is fixed at the top of their Twitter feeds, and even Netflix recommends what show to watch next. Therefore, when a consumer is expected to put in any effort at all, it can lead to poor reviews and negative sentiments. To make life even easier for our Belly Members and for a seamless Belly experience, we’ve built the Belly Feed now available on Android. The Belly Feed shows Members real-time information about their Rewards Programs, new Belly Bites and nearby locations to explore from the moment they log into the Android mobile app.

Like Facebook’s News Feed, the Belly Feed depends on an algorithm to curate unique content for each Belly Member. Content will include new feature announcements, messages directly from Belly’s Marketing team, rewards ready to be redeemed and available Belly Bites. Content is organized on individual cards within the Feed. Members can scroll through card types and tap to learn more information.

Take a peek at some of the Feed cards here:

Welcome Card
This card serves as an introduction to the new Belly Feed and appears when Members first install or update their app to 4.4.0a or higher.
Message Card
This is a direct line of communication from Belly’s Marketing team about contests and promotions they’re eligible for. This card serves as a reminder of all the fun benefits that come along with being a Belly Member.

Business Rewards Card
Members can easily review the rewards available at one of the businesses they frequent. This snapshot includes both rewards they can redeem now or can achieve after a few more visits.

Redeemable Rewards Card
Looking for a reason to leave the house? This card displays a list of up to 3 Rewards that a Member can claim across all of their Belly Businesses.

Nearby Businesses Card
Members can find and join new businesses as they join Belly’s Network. The most popular Reward is also listed so that Members can get an idea of what that business has to offer.

Nearby Bite Card
This card shows an available Bite near the Member’s location. Tapping on the card will take the Member to the Bite’s Details page. The Bite can also be Reserved within the app.

Watch for a continued rollout of the Belly Feed over the coming weeks. Download the Belly Android App here or ask your Merchant Success Manager for a brief tutorial.

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