How to Increase Sales and Bring Your Customers Back

Business owners have 2 goals on their minds: How to increase sales and how to bring their customers back. We’ve put together a list of techniques to ensure that increasing sales and bringing your customers back goes hand-in-hand!

Stay Top Of Mind By Creating Digital Connections

Connecting with your customers in-store is incredibly important, and those personal interactions are surely priceless. But digital connections are also valuable because you can “talk” or be in front of your customers even after they’ve exited your store. Stay top-of-mind through frequency and exposure in order to bring your customers back more often. Two easy ways to do that are through Social Media and email campaigns.

  • The average Facebook user checks their feed 4 times per day, meaning your business can gain impressions quickly once connected.
  • Put your business in front of customers by sending custom emails directly into their inboxes.

Promote Opportunities For Customers To Try Something New

If lunch is your busiest meal time, entice customers to order breakfast or dinner items. If your spa focuses in aesthetics, entice customers to experience your equally superior waxing services. Even though Starbucks’ core product is coffee, they often entice their morning customers to return later that afternoon with “Treat Receipt” programs that heavily discount cold beverages or baked goods (items better suited for the afternoon).

Reward Customers for Returning More Often

If you’re struggling with how to increase sales, look to the activity already happening at your business. Reward your customers for visiting your establishment. Not only does a loyalty program clearly say, “I value your business”, but it also further invests customers with every visit. In a competitive marketplace, a customer that has accrued 30 points at a business where 50 points gets them a Free Sandwich will choose your business over the competition – they’re already on their way to redeeming the reward!

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