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How to Win a Belly Contest

Think about all of the contests you’ve entered. The times you’ve dropped your name in a box, guessed the number of jelly beans in a jar and willingly shared all of your personal information in an online entry form must be in the hundreds. That’s a lot of opportunities you’ve let luck and chance determine your fate. We took a moment to ask Tyler, the winner of our “Belly In The USA” contest, how he became a winner and what he’s doing to ensure he’ll hit the jackpot again.

Belly: How did you find out about the Belly In The USA contest?

Tyler: I first learned about the Belly In The USA contest from following Belly on Twitter. They give out information on upcoming contests and promotions on their Twitter page.

B: Tell us how this contest worked for Belly Members.

T: The Belly In the USA contest was a nationwide contest where the person with the most Belly check-ins won. The prize was to spend the 4th of July in NYC, Chicago, DC or San Francisco. You received air fare, hotel, two tickets to a baseball game and a 4th of July fireworks cruise.

B: How did this contest keep you engaged with Belly Businesses?

T: To win, you had to remain engaged with the Belly Businesses. The contest lasted a few weeks so any slip up and you could potentially lose. While continually checking in you learn about the rewards each business offers. These additional incentives kept me coming back and shopping at each location.

B: Which Belly Business did you visit most often?

T: Most of my visits were at 7-Eleven locations. I work in the Loop in downtown Chicago where there are plenty of locations to visit, and to win you just had to have the most visits.  I would stop in for water, gum, snacks, lottery tickets. Just enough to have a good feeling that I would win the trip.

B: Tell us about your 4th of July trip to NYC! Why did you choose New York? What did you do there?

T: NYC was amazing! It has always been on my bucket list of places to visit including Yankee Stadium. We went to Central Park and attended a Yankees game the first night. I checked out Ground Zero which is a very moving memorial. I’m also a huge GhostBusters fan and had to check out the original Fire House. Being in NY for 3 days is really not enough time to check out everything you want to, but I’m so very grateful for the opportunity that Belly gave me. I look forward to many more promotions down the road!

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