Customer Loyalty

How to Use Customer Data to Drive Loyalty

Tracking customer behavior on and offline can be challenging for small businesses. In the offline world, you engage with customers day-to-day at your business, but it’s difficult to collect data about your customers that is actionable. Large companies can afford sophisticated tools that manage huge amounts of data to effectively connect with their customers. Small business should be able to use customer data to drive sales too. That’s where Belly comes in.

Traditional marketing tactics don’t uncover customer behaviors that provide insight about how to increase sales.

Once you’ve decided to swap traditional methods like direct mail for digital methods like email marketing, you can start to plan! With small business marketing tools like Belly, comes the ability to collect data and use customer insights to drive strategy.

Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Let’s break it down in a simple scenario to compare the two methods:

Traditional Marketing Scenario

First Visit:

Your customer comes in, says hello, orders, pays, says thank you and leaves. In some cases you have a fishbowl for business cards or a promotion to sign up your customer to an email list. Customers are less likely to provide their information though if it does not have a direct benefit to them.

Repeat Visit:

In this scenario, you might recognize your customer’s face, and if you’re really good, you might even remember that they like their eggs over easy. But the relationship could end with no visibility into their long-term behavior, and no method for communicating with them once they walk out your door.

Even if you collect this customer’s email address, it’s useless without knowing who they are and how often they visit your business.

Digital Marketing Scenario (Belly)

First Visit:

In this scenario, your customer comes in, says hello, orders and joins your loyalty program to earn custom rewards. Before they leave for the first time, you’ve captured their visit date and their email address! You’ve also enhanced their experience by showing them your business values loyal customers.

Repeat Visit:

Because you’re using Belly’s digital loyalty platform, you have access to information about your customers. In this scenario for example, you can see that your customer has not returned to your business in over 60 days. To bring your customer back, you can send them a customized email campaign incentivizing them to visit again.

How To Customer-Power Your Marketing

4 simple steps will help you close the gap and never lose your loyal customers:

  1. Define Your Target Customer Group
  2. Develop Your Marketing Goals
  3. Activate Belly’s Loyalty Program
  4. Promote the program and get your customers to check-in to your business each time they visit.

With an in-store iPad, Belly’s platform lets you automate the collection of customer email addresses and tracks each customer visit. By capturing customer information and using analytics to track their behavior, you can target the right audience, at the right time. That’s customer-powered marketing!

For example, if a loyal female customer visited your business, but has not returned in 60 days, you can send her a targeted email campaign to incentivize her to return.

Many small business owners use separate tools and don’t have a way to automate the end-to-end customer acquisition to retention process. By developing a deeper understanding of your customer visit patterns, you can harness simple data points to market more effectively and engage more authentically.

Leveraging these insights will help drive loyalty and bring customers back into your store more often!

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