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How To Get Free Netflix, Pizza & Zubaz

Netflix Contest

It’s rare to find someone who has yet to experience the unique exhilaration of a Netflix binge-watching marathon. Heck, the word “binge-watch” was even added to the dictionary, which proves its significance in both our lexicon and lives. To close out 2015, we decided to award one lucky Belly Member the ultimate binge-watching prize package in our “Netflix 4 NIl” contest: Free Netflix for a year, a 55” Samsung TV with Apple TV, Garrett’s Popcorn, Lou Malnati’s pizza and Zubaz pants. Belly Members across the country checked into Belly Businesses over 1 million times in their pursuit of this lounge-lovers’ dream prize. Val from Phoenix, AZ won Netflix 4 Nil after visiting Panini Bread & Grill 17 times! We sat down with Val to ask her what it takes to binge-watch like a pro.

Belly: How did you find out about the Netflix 4 Nil contest?

Val: I first heard about the Netflix 4 Nil contest after Belly sent an email with the full prize package. I immediately wanted to win because the latest and greatest argument in my household was whether or not we were going to purchase a new TV. We had just purchased a home in September so my husband’s argument was “new house = new TV”.

B: Please describe the details of the contest. What did you need to do to win?

V: I had received an email from Belly regarding the contest saying I was in the running to win. I had never won anything before so I was so ecstatic and decided, “What the heck!” I increased my Belly usage and checked in at the café near work more often. I’d find any excuse to go, even if it was just to buy candy. I could not stop thinking about how cool it would be to win, so I re-read the email a few days later and learned that liking Belly on Facebook & Twitter would up my chances. The next day, I reactivated my Twitter account and posted something random about wanting to rock Zubaz pants like it was 1993.

B: How did this contest keep you engaged with Belly Businesses?

V: I’ve always loved my BellyCard because I like free stuff, but the Panini Grill has really seen a lot more of me lately. They know me by name there and sometimes they even throw me a free coffee just because I gave them 5 stars on Yelp. They are a really cool, family-owned business and I love that they know I’m one of their loyal customers.

B: Which Belly Business did you visit most often?

V: I always visit the Panini Grill because it is so close to my work and they make the best cappuccinos. But I also go to the Elevate Coffee shop when I’m in the area.

B: What was the first thing that went through your head when you found out that you won Netflix 4 Nil?

V: My immediate reaction to winning was “Holy crap… No Way!” Then I immediately told all of my coworkers to make them jealous. They are all Belly users now too.

B: Tell us about your prizes!

V: The prizes for the Netflix4nil contest were really awesome. I won free Netflix for an entire year, a 55” Samsung TV with an Apple TV, a tub of Garrett’s Gourmet Popcorn, a $50 gift card to Lou Malnati’s, and a pair of awesome Zubaz pants. After we received all of the prizes, we ended up hosting a Netflix & Pajama party with about 12 of our friends. We had pizza, snacks, played games on the Apple TV, then watched the Martian (which we also streamed through the Apple TV). Our TV watching has not been the same since. Because we are not cable people, we used to plug in our iPad via an HDMI cable to get Netflix on our super old TV. Now I can see all of the actors’ pores & wrinkles. It takes some getting used to!

B: Do you think contests like Netflix 4 Nil are effective in keeping customers engaged?

V: I think these contests are genius marketing tools. For someone like me who rarely pays any attention to where I am going, establishing a relationship with Panini Grill has made me think more about visiting local businesses instead of corporate establishments. You get better service at locally owned places and they really take the time to get to know you, not to mention the extra care they put into their craft.

B: What’s your favorite show to binge-watch?

V: Marvel Agents of Shield and Hawaii 5.0

V: Thank you Belly for having this contest. It didn’t just make my day, it changed my perspective on locally owned businesses. I tell all of my friends about Panini Grill because of the way I’m treated there, and because they care enough to want my business!

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