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Find Your Belly Businesses With Now Cards

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Constant stimulation. It’s basically what we’ve become accustomed to. And even though technology is supposed to make our lives easier, it’s becoming harder to keep all of our emails, and commitments, and future plans, and thoughts organized. Life is moving fast and the only thing slowing down are our resting heart rates, but that’s just because our phones alert us when we need to chill out.

Google recognized this. So Google decided to help us out. Now cards within the Google app make it extremely easy for users to get the information they want right when they need it. Helpful Now cards will inform users how bad traffic is so they can make it in time for their afternoon flight, that the handbag they’ve been eyeing is now on sale, and that they’re 5 points away from a free cup of coffee at their favorite cafe.

Belly Members (with Android devices) can easily find Belly businesses they’ve visited that are nearby and immediately see how many points they have and which rewards they’re eligible for. They can also view Belly Bites they’ve claimed so they can head into that business before the Bite expires. By keeping cards concise and in a digest format, Members can get answers before asking them, further demonstrating how Belly fits seamlessly into a consumer’s daily life.

We’re very excited about this integration with the Google app. And as technological stimulation constantly bombards our senses, we hope our Belly Members find comfort in technology they can trust.

To find Belly on Now cards, click here.

Read what Google has to say here.