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Email Marketing Tips from Black Rail Coffee

With the holidays approaching faster than any of us would like to admit, it’s important to make sure your business stands out amid all the holiday cheer. Our advice? Send your customers emails with Belly’s Campaigns tool so they know what seasonal happenings to expect at your business. We caught up with James Jung, co-owner of Black Rail Coffee in Hoboken, NJ, to talk about his experience with Campaigns.

Tell us about Black Rail Coffee.

We have been in business for almost 2 years. We opened our doors serving up great coffee from Intelligentsia and a sandwich menu.  Our menu was limited but we knew it was solid.  This area is very family oriented and that’s one thing we really wanted to focus on.  Our plan from the beginning was to always grow with the community.

What kind of loyalty system did you use before Belly?

We just used punch cards before but it doesn’t engage the customer on a personal level.

Explain the Belly tools you’ve used.

We have used all the options provided in the Campaign features.

Why do you like Belly’s Campaigns tool?

In a business like ours, customer loyalty is everything.  In order to keep fresh we must always think of ways to engage the customers.  Belly gives us the tools to just that. The Campaigns tool allows us to show our customers that we truly care about them beyond the store experience. It’s simple, intuitive and offers many options.  

What kinds of information are you emailing your customers about? What has been the customer reaction?

We notify them about upcoming events, store closings and promotions.

Your Campaigns have great open rates! Why do you think this is?

Customer service is everything! The experience first starts in the store. Then once they leave, it’s their own decision.  If you made a lasting impression though then hopefully your efforts will be reciprocated.  I think this is evident through our email open rates.

Which Campaign has been the most successful? Why do you think this happened?

We did an event with an art program called Urban Arts.  Student artwork was displayed all throughout the store and there was also a live band.  Many of the events we do we always try to tie in other businesses.  That way everyone gets a piece of the pie.  Urban Arts does great things with kids and they are right next door.  So essentially our customers can become theirs and vice versa.  This really helps to build the customer base and I think it has helped us a lot.

What tips would you give a new business who hasn’t sent a Belly Campaign yet?

Make it fun. Make it personable.  Remember you want to differentiate yourself from the big guys. You are not only selling your business but you’re selling your personality and uniqueness.

Any advice for businesses looking for a loyalty marketing solution?

If you’re a small business owner then you’re the cashier, maintenance man and bookkeeper.  You want something that won’t take a lot of time and is simple, intuitive and effective.

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