Digital punchcard

The technology boom has completely revolutionized the way our world does business. We’ve gone from standing in the pouring rain while hailing a taxi to summoning a car, choosing a destination, and paying for your ride all with the click of a button. Need your laundry done? There’s an app for that. Need a place to crash while you’re visiting a new city? There’s an app for that. The best and brightest technology companies are not only taking manual processes and digitizing them, but they are leaping one step further and innovating on these processes. Need a digital punchcard for your business? Yes, there’s an app for that. A digital punchcard, however, is merely the first step in creating a successful loyalty program. They are great in the sense that they do away with the traditional paper cards and keep track of how many cups of coffee you’ve given away, but a digital punchcard alone is seriously lacking in effectiveness. Here’s why your business needs more than just a digital punchcard:

You need a simple way to drive customers back into your business.

With a digital punchcard, your customer could have 3 punches and then completely fall off the radar, leaving you as the business owner with no way to re-engage that lapsed customer. Enter a more robust digital loyalty program with a way to auto-target customers who have not visited your business in 30 days. With digital loyalty programs like Belly, you can automatically target customers based on their visit history and incentivize them to come back into your business to receive some sort of personalized promo. We’ve found that customers re-activated through Belly’s Auto-Engage tool return an average of 11 additional times to your business. That’s a lot of money left on the table if you’re just using a simple punchcard, digital or otherwise.

You need an effective way to communicate with your customers.

Your new mac and cheese pizza may be delicious, but your customers need a call to action to get off their couch and come try it. A digital punchcard alone will not succeed in motivating them, so where do you turn? Email Campaigns. A large majority of adults, 72% in fact, prefer that communication with companies happen through email, so ditch the text message marketing and direct mailers and start emailing your customers. Let them know about customer appreciation days, your brand new pho recipe, or that Fourth of July American flag jorts giveaway you have coming up.

You need to capitalize on your customers’ infatuation with social media.

A shocking 20% of all time spent online is spent on social media sites. Use that tidbit of information to your advantage and strive to connect with customers on Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, etc. A digital punchcard alone does not allow for any social media interaction, but a digital loyalty program can be leveraged to increase “likes,” positive consumer reviews, and overall awareness and brand recognition.

You need to keep your business personal.

It’s becoming increasingly easy to lose your business’s identity in today’s ever-changing landscape of technology. How to combat this? Customize your offers. Interact with your customers. Let your personality shine through in your loyalty program. Set up an email that gets sent to first time customers thanking them for their visit and inviting them to come back and see you again. Technology can help tremendously when it comes to providing the bandwidth to add that personal touch, meticulously crafted for each and every customer.

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