BLUE Wins Best New Solution for Multi-Location Retailers

In just a few short months after launch, we’re pleased to announce that BLUE has won this year’s Local Visionary Award as “Best New Solution for Multi-Location Retailers.” Street Fight announced all LVA winners at the company’s flagship NYC conference this week.

Nearly 200 submissions were received for the 13 award categories and were judged by a group of tech innovators and experts, including David Card, Director of Research for Street Fight Insights; Connectivity CEO Matt Booth; Maroon Ventures partner Charity Huff; DigitasLBI’s SVP Mobile and Digital Shopper Innovation, Brett Leary; Tidings Founder David Mihm; and Duct Tape Marketing President John Jantsch.

“A disruption has been taking place in local marketing and commerce, with thousands of companies and individuals producing some very exciting, groundbreaking digital solutions that create new ways for local businesses to connect with local consumers,” said Laura Rich, co-founder and CEO of Street Fight.

Belly’s VP of Marketing, Lauren Licata, was there to receive the award.

“BLUE continues to evolve, solidifying itself as the leading omnichannel platform for multi-location retailers,” said Licata. “We’re honored and humbled for this recognition, and it’s just the beginning for everything BLUE can be.”

BLUE is built to give marketers an unprecedented understanding of their customers, enabling them to build stronger, more profitable customer relationships without the headaches (long lead times, inflexibility) caused by the outdated loyalty solutions currently available.

It allows retailers to build personalized, real-time experiences that their customers have come to expect, while integrating seamlessly with existing systems in-store, on mobile, and online.

To view the full list of nominees and winners, click here.

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