Enterprise Loyalty

BLUE: A Modern Approach to Customer Engagement

Keep Your Marketing Strategy on Pace With Changing Technology & Consumer Demands

The way consumers interact with brands is drastically different than it was 50, or even 10, years ago. Long gone are the days of mass marketing messages and relying solely on traditional media outlets to build brand loyalty. Consumers today expect brands to understand them as individuals and market to them as such. While the notion of brand loyalty is not new, the way to achieve it is very different in today’s hyper-saturated marketing world. Unfortunately, this has proven to be a difficult feat for brands to accomplish.

Many brands struggle to connect with their customers because they are relying on antiquated solutions that do not allow them the flexibility they need. BLUE disrupts those outdated approaches with a more nimble solution that allows brands to adapt to changing demands. Below is our approach to customer engagement today and in the future.

Platform Over Program

Start with most of the essential features for your customer engagement program already built, saving you time and money. A platform allows for additional changes to be made easily, without the downtime a program would require.

Buy vs. Build

Buying a platform decreases upfront costs and risk. Building a program from the ground up requires a large technical staff and maintenance on the retailer’s or brand’s end. Invest in a platform that allows you to move quickly.

Start Simple

Get a simple program up and running within 6 weeks through a single point of integration. BLUE’s platform-first approach allows you to learn, adapt and iterate over time without having to anticipate technology developments and consumer demands for the next 12 months prior to launch.

Your Program Will Improve Over Time

Opt for a platform that allows you the flexibility to change over time. It will be at its worst on day 1 and continue to improve and adapt to your changing business needs. Legacy platforms will be at their best on day 1, but lessen in effectiveness and increase in costs, due to the 12-18 months it takes to get to market and the inability to quickly address changing technology and consumer demands.

Create & Strengthen Customer Relationships

Legacy technology stacks create fragmented views of your customer, resulting in generic marketing messages that do not resonate. Consumers are more frugal than ever before and expect much more out of brands. Through a single point of integration, allow full visibility into the customer journey.

Customer Engagement Is a Catalyst to Loyalty

Use behavioral data to deliver timely, personalized marketing messages that not only differentiate your brand, but also builds trust and relationships with your customers that will ultimately result in brand loyalty over time.

Future-Proof Your Loyalty Solution

Build on top of a platform that supports your needs today, but also allows you to anticipate and quickly act on changes in technology and consumer demands in the future.

To learn more about how BLUE can change your customer experience, visit BLUE’s Experience Page.