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Belly’s Mobile App Now Enables Mobile Check-ins For Members

The Belly mobile apps have been updated so that Members can now check in at Belly Businesses without ever touching the iPad. The app can recognize when a Member is at a Belly Business, allowing them to check in and earn points directly from their smartphone.

This low friction check-in flow makes it easier & faster for Members to earn points at their favorite businesses without any interruption at checkout. Members can simply open their Belly app and tap “Check In”, earning points for their visit right on the spot.

While interaction with the Belly iPad becomes less imperative, it will still serve as the hub for all standard reward redemptions, and check-ins for customers who prefer to scan their QR code or don’t have the Belly mobile app. Requiring reward redemptions at the iPad will minimize any fraudulent activity as will an extensive fraud monitoring system that will flag irregular check-in behaviors from Members’ mobile phones. If fraud is detected, points will be removed.

Take a peek below to see mobile check-ins in action on the iPhone app.
iPhone Check-in Experience

Mobile Check-in FAQs

Can any Belly Member check in with their mobile phone?
Any Member with the latest iPhone mobile app can check in using their mobile phone.

Can a Member still use their Belly QR code?
For sure! If Members prefer to use their QR code, they can use their physical BellyCard or simply tap the “View Code” button within the mobile app to check in at the iPad.

Is the Belly iPad going away?
No way! The Belly iPad will still serve as a check-in portal for customers who don’t have the Belly app.

Can customers redeem rewards from their phone?
With the exception of Stored Rewards, like Belly Bites and Auto-Engage offers, rewards redemptions will occur at the Belly iPad so you can ensure all redemptions are valid.

What if people check in multiple times on their phones without purchasing anything?
We’ve got you covered. Belly has built an extensive fraud monitoring system that will flag any irregular or fraudulent activity. If fraud is detected, points will be removed.

I downloaded the new app, but can’t check in on my phone. Help?
In order to check in via your mobile phone, location services need to be enabled. If location services are disabled, a large QR code will appear on screen so you can still check in at the Belly iPad.

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