Belly in Ad Age! How to Create a Rewards Program That Works


Almost every brand from Taco Bell to your local market has a loyalty program. Waves of shoppers are signing up to access enrollment incentives, and then getting lost in a sea of other rewards cards and apps. U.S. internet users belong to more than 13 loyalty programs, on average, according to Bond Brand Loyalty data analyzed by eMarketer. But only 50% of users are active members, the data showed.

Technology companies like Apple, which is rolling rewards into Apple Pay, may help increase engagement when mobile payments gain traction. And loyalty coalitions like American Express’ Plenti, which combines points across retailers, and platforms like Belly that host customized programs across a variety of retailers, are helping reduce wallet overload.

But brands need to step up to the plate as well. Below are four best practices for rewards programs.

Original article appeared in Advertising Age.

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