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Belly Health: Keeping Your Loyalty Program up & Running

Belly health

Something funky happening with your Belly iPad? Refer to this to answer your troubleshooting questions!

Belly Engineering has been working hard to make sure the Belly iPad at your business provides a great user experience so your loyal customers can check in and redeem rewards. However, like any other iPad, sometimes things don't work just right. Here are some tips to make sure your customers can still Belly whenever they visit.

Don't rush to update iOS on your iPad

Apple works very hard on the new versions of the iPad software, called iOS. These updates are typically great for your iPad, but sometimes there are new bugs introduced that cause issues. Hold off for several days after the new iOS comes out to make sure there aren't immediate problems. You may have gotten a pop-up on the iPad suggesting you update to iOS 8.0 or iOS 8.1. Typically, if you see that pop-up, you're more than welcome to update your iPad.

Check in with Belly every time you arrive

The Belly Experience can only happen when your iPad is turned on, the Merchant application is running, and there is an Internet connection. Simply check all of these things every day by checking in. And while you're at the iPad, take a look at the Command Center to keep track of your loyal customers!

Camera acting up? Check your Privacy Settings

If you can't see any camera image on your iPad, it's possible a privacy restriction has been set that doesn't let the Belly Merchant app use the camera. Make sure the setting is off by going to the Home Screen and clicking on the Settings App. Go to the Privacy section, and click on Camera.


Make sure the Merchant app is set to on.


Internet problems? Try Safari

If the Merchant app says ‘Please check internet connection,' that means the iPad is currently not connected to the internet. Make sure you're on a WiFi network.


Sometimes the iPad is in Airplane Mode – turn that off and make sure WiFi is on. Lastly, open up Safari and try going to or Belly and make sure you can visit web pages. If you can't, that likely means there's an issue with your router.

Forget and re-join your WiFi network

If you can't get a connection to a network you were on before, you may need to forget and re-join your WiFi network. First, if your WiFi has a password, make sure you have that handy.


Go to your iPad home screen, and click the Settings app. In "Wi-Fi" click the circle-i next to the network you are currently joined. You can see more details here.


Click "Forget This Network" and confirm with "Forget" to no longer be connected to it. Go back to Wi-Fi, and select your WiFi network, and type in the password.

Kick your iPad into gear with a Hard Reset

If that doesn't work, sometimes the iPad has old settings stored away that are causing it to not behave. Hold down the home button on the front of your iPad and the lock button on the top of the iPad for several seconds until the iPad shuts off, then start your iPad up again. This may reset the settings enough so you can connect online.

When in doubt, give us a call

Still can't get the iPad online? Not a problem. Our team of Merchant Success Managers are here to help. Give us a call at (630) 480-6108 and we can walk you through more advanced steps to get your Belly iPad ready to go.