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Belly 2.0

Belly 2 0

Belly is a startup, we explored a wide range of possibilities of how our business could grow and offer value to customers over the course of the past 5 years. However, our mission has always been to “Make Businesses Personal”. We know Loyalty is an outcome of a deeper relationship between a business and its customers.

We believe personalization is more than just automation of an experience in retail. Technology is quickly changing how consumers engage with brands and retailers. Consumers’ expectations for their experience are changing. When consumers visit retail they expect an intimate experience; and Belly aims to help businesses offer this through both BLUE and Belly.

We’ve been building a technology platform to help businesses engage their customers since the very beginning. Our small business offering drove our initial growth as a company, but we were always looking for ways to grow through enterprise as well. The heart and soul of Belly is our technology and our people, and it’s critical we use both to continually find new ways to address market opportunities.

Today, we’re focused on two major strategic initiatives. First and foremost, we will focus on our go-to-market efforts for BLUE. Initial conversations have revealed an exciting level of product-market fit in our industry focus, and this effort deserves our primary focus.

We launched BLUE in late 2016, as the manifestation of years of research with potential enterprise customers. BLUE aims to strengthen the relationships between enterprise businesses + brands and their customers; leap-frogging capabilities of current offerings in the market to create more personalized experiences for consumers. Our customers will benefit from a platform-first approach, bringing the solution live faster, providing a dynamic and adaptable consumer experience, providing more options for engagement and creating raving fans along the way.

However, our focus on taking BLUE to market won’t stop us from continually evolving our Belly small business product to remain an industry leader in loyalty and marketing solutions. Over the course of the next six months, we will release Belly small business feature updates that differentiate value from competition and provide additional value to our customers and members.

All of this must be done thoughtfully and with appropriate focus. This means carefully analyzing the market and technology horizon, making the best decisions for long-term business, and setting ourselves up to give BLUE and Belly our best shot. We owe this to our customers and investors, but most importantly, to ourselves.