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Bark Market LLC

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When Karen Conell purchased a pet store named Horse and Hound almost 21 years ago, she knew she’d be supporting very involved and knowledgeable clients. Therefore, it was paramount that Karen provide the best and most trusted pet products for her customers, and thus The Bark Market LLC was formed. Since 1995, Karen and her team at The Bark Market LLC have been providing relevant products and services to her clients and their pets.
When Karen needed a loyalty program in 2012, she immediately went with Belly after seeing the iPad in a family member’s store. “There are a lot of rewards programs around, so at first there was skepticism, which was quickly replaced with excitement when clients found out they could save money by racking up points and rewards.” Since signing up with Belly in September 2012, Bark Market LLC has signed up over 800 members, who have checked in over 12,500 times! With an engaging rewards program like Belly, Karen’s clients can now earn points for rewards and discounts every time they visit the store, and can even donate their earned rewards and discounts to the local animal shelter.

“Our connection is created face to face with our clients daily. Belly makes it easy to reach out to them after they’ve left the store,” said Karen.

With Belly, Karen’s team at The Bark Market LLC can now easily reach out to their clients after they’ve left the store. “Belly has given us a way to show our clients we appreciate their continued loyalty in a fun and easy way, especially through Campaigns,” says Karen. After relying on a mailing list and sending marketing via “snail mail”, Karen felt like she wasn’t communicating with the majority of their clients who are online and have a smartphone. Cue Campaigns, which allows Karen to create and send beautifully designed emails to her clients, including those who haven’t been to the store in a while, and alert them of any upcoming events or promotions. On top of that, Karen can now track how often her clients are coming back, and how many clients are engaging with the emails she is sending.

“Campaigns through Belly are the greatest thing ever.” – Karen Conell, Owner, The Bark Market LLC

Success at The Bark Market LLC

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