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Automate Social Media Marketing & Manage Your Online Reputation with Belly

Automate social media marketing

While 81% of small to medium-sized businesses use social media to establish loyal fans, most struggle to dedicate the time needed to make it seamless and successful. Today, Belly is making it easier for Merchants to collect and track Facebook "Likes" and drive customers to their Yelp page. Here’s how:

Automate The Collection Of Facebook "Likes"

77% of B2C companies have [acquired customers through Facebook]( That’s why businesses are investing heavily in social media. To make it easier to develop a loyal following, Belly prompts your customers to "Like" your business on Facebook, and incentivizes them to do so for additional Belly Points. You can set the number of points a Facebook "Like" is worth, and we’ll prompt your customers for "Likes" at the in-store iPad, on their mobile phone, and through email notifications.

Belly also automates social media activity for your business by encouraging customers to share their visit on Twitter and Facebook when they check in with Belly.

However, it's not just about the number of "Likes"; it's about engaging with your customers on the channels they prefer. Belly customer Foodsmart Urban Market is a prime example of a business who invests in customer engagement.

"It's not the number we really care about," said owner John Mourikes. "It's that the people who ‘Like' us on Facebook shop in our stores. This is a real connection which gives us the opportunity to continue the conversation on how we can best deliver for them. It is really important both to us and our customers that we are partners in their quest for healthy living, eco-friendly environment, natural, organic and more locally grown choices. Foodsmart customers make requests via Facebook on products they would like to see us carry and we can immediately move to see if we can procure those products. It brings such a smile to a customer's face when we deliver on their request. It also makes us happy."

Protect Your Online Reputation

Belly's Yelp feature is also popular among Merchants. On average, a one-star increase in Yelp ratings leads to a 5-9% increase in revenue and 90% of consumers admit that their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews.

Customers in your Belly loyalty program can be prompted to visit your business’s Yelp page. Similar to the Facebook package, we’ll ask your frequent customers to visit your Yelp page at the in-store iPad, on their mobile phone, and send them an email reminder.

New Reports Available

If you're a Belly Merchant, you'll notice the addition of Facebook and Yelp reporting when you log into your Web Command Center. The Facebook graph tracks the number of customers Belly has driven to your Facebook page over a set date range. You can sit back and watch your "Likes" grow without lifting a finger!

Similarly with Yelp, we'll show you the the number of customers who visited your Yelp page from Belly.

The improvements to Belly’s social media package make it easier than ever for small business owners to automate their social media marketing. If you’re a Belly Merchant, visit your Web Command Center to ensure these features are activated.

If you're new to Belly, learn more about how our customer-powered marketing solution can work for your business.

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