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A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating an Auto-Engage Offer with Belly

Auto-Engage, Belly’s marketing automation tool takes the customer data collected through your business’s loyalty program and leverages it to send actionable campaigns. Businesses can incentivize customers to come back by setting up triggered offers that will automatically send based on their buying history. First Visit (sent one day after first visit), At Risk (sent once after 30 days of no visits) and Lapsed (sent after 60,90 and 120 days of no visits) come standard, and have shown to reactivate customers every month.

If email marketing automation is new to you, I recommend reading this post first, where we explore what small business merchants need to know before getting started with marketing automation.

How Auto-Engage Works For Your Business

Before we dive in, let’s summarize the basics.

Auto-Engage helps you automatically incentivize customers to return to your business in a few easy to follow steps.

  • Select An Offer Type (First Visit, At Risk or Lapsed)
  • Add An Offer (Something to entice your customers to come back!)
  • Set it and forget it. Auto-Engage goes to work, emailing the customers who meet your criteria.
  • Track how many customers received your offer then visited your business right from your Web Command Center.

Step-By-Step Guide To Creating An Auto-Engage Offer

Ok, let’s dive in to the step-by-step guide!

Sending an Auto-Engage offer is easy. It should take you under 15 minutes from start to finish – and you only have to set it up once! Remember, if you ever get stuck, your Merchant SManager is just a phone call away. Let’s get started.

  1. Log in to your Web Command Center

2. Select “Auto-Engage” from the top menu

  1. Choose which type of offer you’d like to start with. You can choose from:
  • “First Visit Offer”
  • “At Risk Offer”
  • “Lapsed Offer”
  • You can run 1 or all 3 simultaneously. It’s your choice.
  1. Select the blue “Create Offer” button under the Auto-Engage offer type you’d like to run.

  2. This will open a new screen where you’ll build your offer. First, choose an offer to bring your customers back. You can choose from a reward you already offer from the drop down or create a new one. For example, you can offer, “a free iced coffee” or“15% off your next purchase!”

Please note, an expiration date is pre-set based on the Auto-Engage offer type you choose.

  • First Visit – Expires in 14 days
  • At Risk – Expires in 7 days
  • Lapsed – Expires in 7 days

  1. Next, add a subject line. We’ll pre-populate one for you based on your offer, but you can customize it as well.</span> Note: We give you some tips right in the tool for writing effective subject lines!</span>

  2. Now, you can add an optional headline. We’ll pre-populate it with “Just For You”. You can also customize it for your business with something like “A Special Offer” or “Thanks for being a customer”.</span>

  3. Now it’s time to add an image. Your image should reflect your offer. You can add a custom image by uploading one you have saved to your computer, or use our free stock images! Select “Click here to choose an image” under “Image for Campaign”.</span>

  • An “Add an Image” modal will pop up. You can choose from our free image library or upload your own image.
  • To upload your own image, Click “Upload Your Own”
  • Drag the image you downloaded or browse for the image
  • Select “Choose Image” to insert it into your email campaign.
  • To use a free stock image, simply search the Bigstock Photo library, click the image you want and hit the blue “Choose Image” button to insert it into your Auto-Engage Campaign.
  1. In the “Email Body Copy” text box, add your custom message. For example:
  • “Come enjoy 25% off your purchase!”
  • “Thank you for stopping by! Get a free coffee”
  1. It’s time to schedule your Auto-Engage offer. Select a date from the “Send On” calendar picker. Remember, your Auto-Engage campaign will run continuously based on the criteria you’ve set (First Visit, At Risk or Lapsed). Each time a customer meets the criteria, they’ll receive this email!

  2. Once you’re happy with your email, select the blue “Submit for Approval” button.</span>

Congrats, you’re done! Your Auto-Engage campaign will be sent to your Merchant Success Manager to review. You’ll receive an email once your offer has been approved to send.

How Auto-Engage Works For Your Customers

  • Eligible customers will receive your offer via email. We’ve automatically optimized your email for mobile too!
  • Customers have a set number of days to visit your business to redeem their offer. They’ll be alerted to the offer’s expiration date in the email.
  • When a customer visits your business and checks in at the Belly iPad, their offer will appear in red at the top of their rewards.
  • A member of your staff should help your customer redeem their offer after they’ve selected it from the Belly iPad.

That’s it! If you need help creating or sending your Auto-Engage campaign, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Merchant Success Manager! They’re always here to help you out!

Happy Automating!

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