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7 Ways Customer Loyalty Software Makes Small Businesses More Profitable

Loyalty programs. They’ve been in the news a lot this year. From Amex launching Plenti, the first coalition loyalty program in the US, to Apple’s plans to support loyalty cards in Apple Pay, merchants of all sizes have their ears perked. Loyalty programs can be as low-tech as a “buy 10 get one free” punch card to as high-tech as a digital loyalty platform that integrates with your POS. Merchants who used to think, “simple loyalty, like a paper punch card, is all I need” are now understanding the power of good customer loyalty software.  

Customer loyalty software is much more than just a loyalty card. Platforms like Belly are built to drive additional revenue by decreasing time between customer visits, increasing basket size and winning back lost customers. With seamless customer enrollment, expertly designed tools, cutting-edge technology, and an always helpful Account Manager ready to answer to your marketing needs, here are 6 ways something as simple as an iPad on your counter can make your small business more profitable.

You can turn transactions into relationships

Customer loyalty software captures your customers’ contact information automatically. This means, even after they’ve left your business, you still have a way to communicate with them. You can’t do that with punch cards. You can encourage your members to follow you on social media where you post your weekly specials and even send email campaigns with incentives attached that will bring them back in. The best part? You can track the return on your investment with real-time analytics and reporting – proof that your relationships are growing strong.

Custom rewards = happy customers

By offering your customers rewards they actually want, you’re giving them a reason to keep coming back to you and sooner. A great set of custom rewards can increase a member’s likelihood of coming back to see you. Did you know that over 90% of Belly Members who redeem a reward return to that business within a month? Really! The perfect rewards suite is just what you need to stay profitable and we’ve got the equation to get you there. While most people think of loyalty marketing as just points and rewards to build your customer database, that’s just the start! Powerful customer loyalty software should include customer insights, segmentation and automated marketing programs to bring your customers back more often.

You’re right in your customer’s hands

If your customers have tripped on your step because they were looking at their phones, you’re not alone. Your customers are mobile, shouldn’t your business be too? With Belly’s customer loyalty software, award-winning iOS and Android apps come standard.  When a customer downloads the app, you can send push notifications and use technological advancements like iBeacon to notify your members when they’re nearby your business and gently remind them they should come say, “Hi!” I mean, let’s face it, you know they just simply forgot they needed that new pair of jeans or that cupcake anyway. Besides creating a communication channel, mobile is also an additional way new customers can discover your business! Belly has over 6 million members who are looking for businesses like yours!

You can get new customers too! (By joining the largest network)

It wouldn’t hurt to gain some new friends every now and then too, right? Utilizing the network you belong to by offering new customers a taste of who you are is a great way to acquire some loyal members. Once you get them hooked, you can continue the relationship with by bringing them back in again and again.

It’s a one-stop marketing shop

Most customer loyalty software will combine everything you need to manage your marketing initiatives. From social media promotion, reputation management, to email marketing, customer acquisition, mobile and of course customer retention, you’ll find your software to be all-inclusive. Some (like Belly!) even have a designated Account Manager/Marketing Guru at your service! That means you won’t have to pay for 3-4 different programs separately; it’s all included in one affordable monthly price.

You can win back lost customers without lifting a finger

As a busy business owner, you don’t have time to worry about and run your marketing. Customer loyalty software can do it for you! A recent survey by Streetfight in partnership with Thrive Analytics highlighted that 42% of Merchants rate a lack of time as their biggest digital marketing challenge, followed by budget and expertise. While they recognize that digital marketing is effective, they don’t have the time to run their business while also becoming a sophisticated marketer.

Here’s why it’s great:

  • Set it once, and forget it: After setting it up once, Auto-Engage automatically sends an offer to your customers based on their visit history! Choose from “First Visit”, “At Risk” or “Lapsed”.
  • Bring back up to 10% of lapsed customers: On average, Merchants who run Auto-Engage campaigns see a 28% open rate while reactivating up to 10% of lapsed customers (customers who haven’t been back in 30+ days).
  • Make sure new customers become loyal customers: The fact is, first time visitors come back for a second visit only 27% of the time. 2nd time visitors return at a 70-80% rate. Auto-Engage incentivizes first time visitors to return, increasing the chances that they’ll become a loyal customer!

Measurable Results

Say goodbye to guessing how your marketing offers performed. Business owners can track the number of  customers who received their offer, how many opened the email, and who visited their business to redeem the offer. Closed loop tracking tells you exactly what’s working and what offers customers respond best to.

It’s no secret that loyalty matters to small businesses. Now that you’ve just read this, it’s also no secret that customer loyalty software can really help make a small business more profitable, too!

Like any meaningful relationship, building loyalty takes time and effort. At the core, it’s a mix of offering a great product, at a great value and providing great service. Add in powerful customer loyalty software on top of an already great business, and you’re golden.

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