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7 Ways Belly Enhances Your Marketing Strategy

If you’re a business owner who also runs your own marketing, you’re not alone. We know it can be overwhelming. While most Belly businesses are familiar with the rewards program we provide, Belly is so much more. Belly helps automate and simplify your marketing efforts by providing one platform to capture customer information, engage with your customers and analyze data based on their visits. You have access to a suite of solutions to build better customer experiences both in-store and online.

Here are seven ways Belly enhances your marketing strategy:

Mobile Discovery

Multiple sources cite that in 2013, less than 5% of SMB websites were mobile-optimized. That’s alarming, considering that 94% of smartphone users are looking for local information, and almost 70% of these searches resulted in immediate visits to a local business. That’s right, immediate visits. Most small business owners don’t have the time, money or resources to launch their own mobile app. Belly not only helps you acquire new customers through our large network of Belly members, but we also help you get found in search results and social media channels too.

Customer Retention

Retention means turning new customers into loyal customers. 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers, so retention is key to long-term success. It’s important to create a connection with every single customer who walks into your business. Belly allows you to create experiential rewards and promotions that improve every customer’s experience. By rewarding customers on their visit frequency, you create lasting connections with Belly members, who are likely to spend 10x more over their lifetime, than one-time visitors.

Email Marketing

It’s not easy keeping your customers abreast of everything that happens at your business. Typically, they come in, you say hello and thank you, and the communication stops there. Traditional email marketing tools don’t allow you to market to your customers based on their last visit. With Belly, you can segment, target and engage with customers through our Campaigns tool. Creating personalized emails and getting customers back is as simple as 3 easy steps. And unlike tools such as Constant Contact and Mail Chimp, you can track visits and redemptions that happen in-store!

Customer Insights

Are you making data-driven decisions about your business? Belly makes it easy for you measure the success of your online and in-store activities in the Command Center. By encouraging your customers to check in at the Belly iPad at your business, you are gaining valuable insight without lifting a finger. The data you collect can be used for additional marketing tactics like driving online reviews, Facebook “Likes” and repeat customer visits.

Social Media

While 93% of businesses leverage social media for marketing, it is often the most time consuming and cumbersome marketing task. On Facebook alone, over 90% of US adults are connecting with brands, daily. Belly recognizes the importance of building your loyal following online, as well as offline – so we’ve created seamless tools for you to connect Belly with your Facebook page, in order to drive additional Likes which can lead to increased sales.


When you have a Yelp! page, you open your business up to customer reviews. Positive customer reviews and referrals are important for driving new customers to your business. With Belly, after a customer visits your business for the 3rd time (obviously, because they like you so much), we prompt them with an email message containing a link to your Yelp page to leave a review.

Cross Promotion

Partnering with other Belly businesses is another exciting benefit. Because Belly is a large network of small business owners, you have access to neighboring businesses that share the same loyalty platform as you! We are huge proponents of tapping into the Belly network to customize complimentary rewards. By partnering with another Belly business, you can both cross-promote rewards to drive double the traffic!

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