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6 Creative Ways to Revive Your Loyalty Program

Long-term customer relationships are the lifeblood of local businesses. But like any long-term relationship, it takes work to nurture the relationship over time. Loyalty programs like Belly are effective because they entice your loyal customers to visit more often to earn points they can redeem for rewards. To ensure that engagement with your loyalty program doesn’t fall flat, your staff should be educated about the program and your customers should see value in the rewards you offer. As a manager, you should steer your program’s success by staying on top of key metrics like customer sign ups and reward redemptions.

If you notice a drop-off in customers engaging with your small business’s loyalty program, or a drop-off in reward redemptions, it’s time to step in and make a change. Here are some ideas you can implement that will revive your loyalty program.

1. Treat your rewards like arcade prizes!

Remember going to your local arcade and eyeing the prize you wanted to save up your tickets for? Use that same model to entice customers to sign up for your loyalty program. By displaying your rewards near your point-of-sale and labeling their point value, you provide your customers with a visual cue of what they can earn by visiting your business. Newark Bottle Shop in Delaware got creative with how they displayed their rewards.

Treat Rewards Like Prizes

You can access your “Marketing Belt” in your Web Command Center and print a rewards list or general placard to assign point values to your showcased rewards. If you need help making signage, reach out to your Merchant Success Manager for help.

2. Hold a contest among your employees to see who can sign up the most Members

If you’re noticing that not as many customers are signing up for Belly as when you first launched it, it’s time to reinvigorate your staff. See which of your employees can sign up the most Members in a week, and give them a trophy, a bonus, a day off – anything fun to incentivize them encourage your customers to sign up and engage with your loyalty program.

We wrote previously about how to train your staff on Belly as well as tips for pitching your loyalty program in less than a minute. Usually, busy businesses only have a few seconds to talk to a customer. It’s important to take advantage of those moments. Some of our most successful Merchants hand every customer a BellyCard and say, “This is a card for our free loyalty program. Just scan it at the iPad when you make a purchase and you’ll earn points you can redeem for rewards.”

3. Feature your favorite reward on social media

Don’t forget, your store isn’t the only place you can promote your loyalty program. If your customers follow you on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, share your favorite rewards or invite them in to use Belly. Here’s a sample post you can use:

Have you joined our rewards program yet? Belly is our loyalty program that allows you to earn points for fantastic rewards you can only get with us. Grab a @BellyCard next time you’re in or download the free app.

4. Change up your rewards

The rewards at your business are the foundation of your loyalty program. They are what get your customers excited about returning again and again. Log into your Web Command Center and take a look at which rewards are the most popular and which ones aren’t getting any love.

Check out this post with different suggestions for updating your rewards suite.

5. Provide Social Proof

There’s strength in numbers, and that phrase definitely applies to your loyalty program, too. Take a look at how many of your customers have joined your loyalty program and share that number with the world. Maybe stir up a little FOMO in your customers who haven’t joined yet with a social post or in-store signage that says:

“Over {your total number of Belly Members) customers are earning points to get {insert top reward here} with our Belly loyalty program. What’s stopping you?”

6. Offer Double Belly Points

Giving your Belly Members Double Belly Points is a fantastic way to drive engagement with your loyalty program. It gets them excited because they are closer to earning that reward they’ve had their eye on. To alert your customers of this limited time opportunity, you can send them an email marketing Campaign or just create a Facebook post, like Rip City Remedies did. To set up Double Belly Points, be sure to contact your Merchant Success Manager.

Not a Belly Merchant yet? Learn more about Belly’s customer loyalty program. You can get a free demo here, too!