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5 Surefire Strategies For Enrolling Customers In Your Loyalty Program

Having a loyalty program is a valuable tool for any small business. You can attract and retain customers, reward them for their patronage, and send targeted messages to keep them up to date on the latest happenings in your store. The bells and whistles of a loyalty program are numerous and impactful. However, the value that a loyalty program brings to a small business can only be added if your customers actually become members of whatever program you’re offering. To help you in this endeavor, we’ve put together 5 surefire strategies for enrolling customers in your loyalty program.

Offer bonus points. How many times have you heard the phrase “people respond to incentives?” Well, it’s true. We recommend offering an instant bonus to encourage customers to join your loyalty program. There’s a good amount of research surrounding the science of Goal Gradient. It says that if customers perceive they are closer to being able to redeem a reward, they’re more likely to work harder (i.e. return to your business quicker) to cash in and get it. Take advantage of that knowledge and give your customers triple points when they sign up for your loyalty program.

Offer a free item or discount on the second visit. Let your customers know that if they sign up for your loyalty program, they’ll get a free smoothie or BOGO pizza slices on their next visit. The advantage to this strategy is twofold. Not only do does it encourage customers to join your loyalty program, but you also ensure that they visit your business again. With a tool like Belly’s Auto-Engage feature, you can set up an email that automatically sends to first-time customers thanking them for their visit and offering them a special offer that can redeem if they visit your business again within two weeks. Pretty cool and effective stuff!

Email your customers. Do you already have an email list that you’ve collected? If so, send out an email encouraging your customers to sign up for your loyalty program. Explain the perks of the program and give them the option to join remotely.

Create appealing offers. Your customers won’t be excited about getting 5% off their purchase after their 10th visit to your business. Do your best to create rewards that will be attractive to your customers. Strike a balance between low level and high level rewards by offering a free fajita dinner after ten visits and half off an appetizer after three visits. You can also get customers excited about your loyalty program by offering unique, one-of-a-kind experiences which we call experiential rewards.

Train your employees. Make sure your employees completely understand your loyalty program so that they can answer questions and push your customers to enroll. To get employees completely invested in pushing your program, create contests between different shifts, locations, or individual employees to see who can sign up the most customers.

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