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4 Email Marketing Campaigns You Can Send with Belly

Staying in touch with your customers by emailing them special offers and events is a powerful way to increase customer loyalty. Earlier this year, we introduced a fantastic new email marketing tool for our Merchants called Campaigns. Campaigns is a self-service tool that connects the emails you send to your customers back to their in-store activity. Pretty powerful, huh? As a merchant, you can easily segment your customers based on how often they visit and send them emails to drive them back into your store.

Currently, you can send 4 types of email campaigns with Belly: Announcement, Bring Back, Event Promotion and Social Media.


An announcement campaign lets you continue the conversation with all of your customers even after they’ve left your store. With this campaign type, you don’t have to include a reward or offer, but you can still let your customers know about cool stuff going on at your business. For example, offering a special dish for fall? Opening a new location? Launching a new product line? Let your customers know! An announcement campaign is a great opportunity to alert your customers about important things happening at your business.

Bring Back

The Bring Back email is designed to reactivate members of your Belly loyalty program who haven’t been back in a while. With custom targeting, you can reach out to:

  • All of your customers
  • New customers who recently visited
  • Existing, potentially lapsed customers who have not recently visited

We recommend targeting customers who have not returned in over 30, 60, or 90 days and incentivizing them to come back with a special offer.

Event Promotion

This campaign type lets you alert your most loyal customers about upcoming events, holidays, special occasions or sales happening at your business. The template allows Belly Merchants to easily add a date or date-range for the event promotion and tie it to an offer. Invite your customers in for a special Fall brunch or a week-long sale.

Social Media

While email is a fantastic driver for customer loyalty, you probably have other channels where you can connect with your customers. Belly’s Social Media Campaign lets merchants promote their social media accounts by encouraging “Likes” and “Follows”. You can invite your customers to connect with you on Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram.

Email marketing is a cost-effective and proven way to drive sales and increase customer loyalty; with Belly, email marketing is easy! If you’re a Belly Merchant, log into your Web Command Center and send an email campaign today!

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