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3 Tips For Updating Your Customer Rewards Program For 2016

Snow is melting, birds are migrating, temperatures are creeping up – spring is upon us! Pretty soon you’ll start the yearly process of “Spring Cleaning,” where you’ll work your way down a massive checklist of household chores – acing those sweaters you didn’t wear all winter and vacuuming the lampshades for the first time in 12 months. It’s important to keep a “Spring Cleaning” checklist for your business as well, and updating your customer rewards program should be at the top of that list. Below are some tips and tricks for keeping your rewards program fresh for 2016.

Revamp your offers: The rewards you offer as part of your loyalty program are crucial to its success. Customers respond to incentives, and it is important that your incentives are actually driving customers back into your business. Take the time to look at your redemption analytics in order to pinpoint your most popular rewards and see if there is a pattern. Are your most popular rewards the easiest to attain? Are they free items? Discounts? Once you start noticing patterns, you’ll be able to tailor your rewards suite in a way that better resonates with your customers. You can also spice up your rewards by featuring new menu items, products, or services as a way to encourage your customers to try new things.

Savor the seasons: Season changes and holidays are an easy way to inject some fun into your customer rewards program. Torch-Wood Market, a Belly Business in Philadelphia, has taken full advantage of Spring’s fast approach as a way to encourage customers to stop by and check out some new seasonal items. They’ve organized a Free Smoothie Day for all of their customers, which is a brilliant idea. It capitalizes on the virtually universal desire for sunnier days and warmer weather by offering customers a tasty spring treat with no strings attached. Take advantage of the calendar to delight and surprise your customers. It will serve as a friendly reminder that your business is in the business of caring for customers.

Take a step back: Being a small business owner is one of the toughest jobs out there because you often have to wear many hats. One day you’re the director of Finance and Operations and the next day you’re the HR hiring manager. It’s hard to stay on top of everything, but help may be easier to get than you think! Do some investigating and see how your customer rewards program can help take some of that responsibility off of your plate. Belly is able to aide in revamping your email marketing effort with a new tool called Auto-Engage that is both simple and effective. Auto-Engage allows you to automatically target and incentivize customers based on their visit history. You choose where in a customer’s life-cycle you’d like to contact them (their first visit, if they have not visited in 30 days etc.), choose an offer to motivate them, and voilà – the email will start auto-sending to customers in the form of a drip campaign and you will have a tool that is actively working to engage and re-engage your customers.

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