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11 Inspiring Email Marketing Campaigns

Get inspired to create compelling email campaigns that will keep your customers coming back!

Our team created a sample email campaign gallery to spark creative ideas as you look to design your own email campaigns . It’s easy to create an email to send your customers in under 5 minutes. We even published this step-by-step guide for sending an email campaign with Belly. We currently offer four types of Campaigns for you to choose from: Announcement Campaign, Bring Back Campaign, Event Campaign and Social Media Campaign.

An Announcement Campaign allows you to continue the conversation even after your customers leave your business. Drop them a note regarding events, promotions or even a friendly “hello”! This is our most popular Campaign type.

Bring Back Campaigns incentivize your customers to return by offering them a reward they’ll love. You can target customers who haven’t been back in a while – 30, 60, or 90 days.

Event Campaigns let you promote upcoming events at your business.

Social Media Campaigns encourage your customers to connect with you on your social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Foursquare.

Below, we’ve created 11 sample email campaigns to get your creative juices flowing. What are you waiting for? Browse the examples below and create your email campaign today!


Subject Line:
Picnic for Two: 20% Off Your Lunch this Weekend at Belly Sandwich Shop

What we like:
Business name in subject line – Adding your business name in the subject line lets your customers know this offer is from you!

Time bound offer
Create a sense of urgency and influence customers to visit at certain times by creating an offer that is only available during specific dates.

Vivid imagery
Doesn’t that picnic look delicious? We think so. Use an image that communicates the value of the offer and makes the customer go – “I want that!”.

Attractive offer
By giving something away of value, customers are more likely to come in.


Subject Line:
You’re invited to Belly Bootcamp

What we like:
Invitation as subject line – Not only does sending an invitation via email add a personal touch, but this headline grabs your attention and lets you know what is going on: Belly Gym is Hitting the Beach for Bootcamp this July.

Real life imagery
By selecting an image that shows actual participants, the offer seems approachable, and makes customers want to get in the mix.

Clear call–to–action
One clear call–to–action in the message will help increase click–through rates on your email campaign, as customers look to find out more and get involved (on the beach)!

Children’s Boutique

Subject Line:
Shop our July 4th Sale: 20% Off All Children’s Clothing at Belly Boutique

What we like:
Timely for the holiday – This is a great sale announcement for a popular upcoming holiday! Sending messages to customers based on holidays, birthdays or anniversaries keeps your business top of mind, and can result in driving incremental sales.

Includes expiration date
During holiday promotions, make sure to be clear when the offer or promotion is valid. This helps create a sense of urgency for customers to redeem the offer before it’s too late.


Subject Line:
Free Mini–Cupcakes for Two at Belly Bakery

What we like:
Timely for the holiday – Bring ’Em Back campaigns work very well when you offer a free item. This message leverages a holiday weekend to reward customers with something sweet, and build positive sentiment.

Drives growth
By making the offer for your customer and a friend, you will strengthen relationships with existing customers, while driving new new guests into your store! This is a creative referral strategy called “Bring a Friend,” that we suggest using for customer acquisition.


Subject Line:
Get Treated to Healthy Hair this Summer at Belly Salon

What we like:
Timely for season – Letting customers know about seasonal promotions, is a great use case for Announcement Campaigns. Not only is this message designed to attract customers for a unique treatment (that hopefully gets them hooked); it’s a relevant offer for the season.

Drives sales
By adding a free treatment with purchase of a haircut or color, you’ll drive more customers into your store this month. Need to meet a goal, but not on track? Try this offer!

Convenience Store

Subject Line:
Don’t Wake up Hungry, Come Get a Breakfast Sandwich on Us

What we like:
Vivid imagery – Doesn’t this offer make you hungry? This is as literal as it gets. Being clear with your message, offer and imagery is a quick way to get customers to respond to your offer.

Drives foot traffic during slow times
Are Tuesday mornings slow for your business? Driving customers in during your non–peak hours with exclusive time–bound offers is a great strategy.


Subject Line:
Fireworks for the Family at Belly Bistro July 2nd–5th

What we like:
Pitches your best asset – Have an awesome rooftop, patio area or event coming up? Keep your customers in the know and invite them in with exclusive offers!

Play off holidays and community events
Capitalize on events in your community that your customers enjoy, like family fireworks during 4th of July weekend. They’ll watch them somewhere, shouldn’t it be at your restaurant?

Ice Cream Shop

Subject Line:
Double Scoops of Summer Ice Cream Flavors for you!

What we like:
Brings customers back – Belly lets you target lapsed customers who haven’t visited your store for a while. Bring customers back in with an exclusive offer. This not only lets customers know you care; it encourages subsequent repeat visits.

The Upgrade
Do you have items you wish to upsell? Offer a one–time upgrade to more scoops, more toppings and extra everything. Once your loyal customers try something new, they’ll get hooked. This can result in an increase in basket size over time.

Pet Store

Subject Line:
Dog Days of Summer: Free Treat at Belly Pup Shop

What we like:
Time bound offer – Have a new item, like Organic doggy treats? Let your customers know by offering a time bound offer that takes advantage of seasonal messaging.

Creative imagery
This cute pup creates an “Awe” factor that will help increase click–through rate.

Incentivize your best customers to come back in
By throwing a treat to Fido, customers are encouraged to come in during historically slow times, boosting your sales.

Pizza Shop

Subject Line:
Picnic for Two: Free Slice of Pizza for Pride Parade

What we like:
Clear call-to-action – This message has a clear call–to–action. Increase email click–through rates by describing exactly the ‘When’, ‘Where’ and ‘What’ of your offer.

Vivid imagery
We’re hungry now, are you?

Capitalize on local events
If your business is on the parade route, or on any block for upcoming parties and festivals, take advantage of thirsty and hungry party–goers by driving them into your business with an exclusive offer.


Subject Line:
Free Chips and Salsa at your Favorite Taqueria

What we like:
Free offer – Who doesn’t like a Free item? Offering a complimentary product for free with purchase is a compelling strategy that is proven to bring people into your restaurant.

Setting an expiration date allows an offer to have a timeline for redemption that drives sales during slow months where your sales numbers need a boost.

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Note: This post was updated on 7/10/15 to reflect new Campaign types and additional resources.

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