The Belly Brick N’ Mortar Success Series: Free Ebooks For Small Business Owners

February 2, 2015 Lauren Licata

Introducing the Brick N' Mortar Success Series, free ebooks designed to help small businesses succeed.

At Belly, our mission is to create and enhance customer relationships that strengthen customer loyalty. To support that, we’re constantly developing resources to support customer loyalty as well as marketing tips and tricks to help small business owners like you. In this post, we’re highlighting 4 new (and free!) ebooks written specifically for small business owners.

They’re all available for download now right here. If you have a small business topic we haven’t covered yet, but would like to see added to our library, please let us know by tweeting to @bellycard!

1. The Local Business Blueprint To Social Media Marketing

While 81% of small to medium-sized businesses use social media to establish loyal fans, most struggle to dedicate the time needed to make it seamless and successful. Having an online presence is just as important as having a telephone number; it's just something your business needs. But with this presence, your "popularity" is available for everyone to see – how many "Likes" your photo gets on Facebook, how many RTs your witty tweet receives, etc. It's a full-time job to keep these channels active and overflowing with customer activity, and as a business owner, you've got enough on your plate already. This 21-page ebook explores:

  • Social media as an important business tool
  • 5 local businesses getting social media right
  • 10 tips for boosting your social media marketing
  • How Belly helps businesses automate their social media marketing

You can download the complete ebook here!


2. How To Use Email Marketing To Retain Loyal Customers

58% of consumers said they open emails from businesses they are a customer of, and 53% said those emails affect their personal buying decisions.

And if you’re still on the fence about email as a marketing channel, email garners a 5x greater response rate than direct mail and a 25x higher response rate than banner ads.

Email marketing is a cost-effective and proven way to drive sales and increase customer loyalty; with Belly, email marketing is easy! This 15-page ebook covers:

  • Email marketing as a key business tool
  • Successful email marketing techniques
  • Important email marketing metrics you should understand
  • Types of Campaigns Belly provides business owners

Download "How To Use Email Marketing To Retain Loyal Customers".

3. A Practical Guide To Managing Your Business's Online Reputation

Think your brick and mortar store exists only offline? Chances are you’re wrong. And a bad online reputation can affect your business's bottom line. A 2013 survey conducted by Dimensional Research found that 90% of customers say their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. So if you want to be the lunch spot that serves the diners, the salon that books the appointments, or the dog groomer that receives the reservations, you’ll have to take control of your online reputation. The payoff can be big: a Harvard Business School study has shown that a one star rating increase can result in a 5% – 9% increase in revenue. This 14-page ebook covers:

  • Why reputation management is important for local businesses
  • Lessons learned from online missteps
  • Techniques for managing your business's online reputation
  • How Belly helps automate online reputation management

Download the complete ebook here.

4. Customer Acquisition: How Small Businesses Can Find New Customers

Customer acquisition creates a lifeline of sales that are critical to a company’s long-term financial success. It also requires a constant effort. Like a stock portfolio, it pays to diversify to keep your returns growing. Here are some ways to get more loyal customers through your door. This 24-page ebook explores how merchants should think about customer retention vs. customer loyalty, and outlines foolproof techniques for acquiring new loyal customers to your business. You'll learn:

  • How to balance customer retention vs. customer acquisition
  • How much you should spend on acquiring new customers
  • Tried and true techniques for finding new customers
  • How Belly helps Merchants get new customers

Download the complete ebook here.

For more free resources for small business owners, visit our Merchant Resource Center.

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