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How to Use Email to Reengage Your Customers

Ever wonder what happened to that great customer you talked to a few months ago? Worried that you’re not seeing enough repeat business? Often times, small businesses are left without insight when it comes to customer re-engagement. But with a customer email database, there are several marketing strategies to get these people back in your door – and Belly can help!

Here are three ideas on how to use email to reengage customers:

Create Targeted Offers

Tell customers that haven’t visited in awhile you miss them. Using a targeted email to message lapsed customers about a time sensitive offer creates a sense of urgency and helps remind them of your great products and services. Make the offer enticing with a discounted or highly desired complimentary item – this provides you the opportunity to hook them on something new.

Belly’s Bring ‘Em Back email Campaign allows you to isolate those customers who haven’t been in recently. By capturing check-ins each time your customer visits, Belly gives you the insight you were previously lacking, and allows you to segment customers who haven’t visited in the last 30, 60 or 90 days.

With upcoming holidays, like 4th of July, pick a tasty themed treat, and add a reward to your customers’ accounts. Track the success of your marketing programs and tie that value back to your bottom line.

Stay Top of Mind

Staying top of mind is crucial in maintaining a solid customer base. Belly empowers your business with easy-to-use email communication tools so you can let customers know you appreciate them. Message current customers about upcoming promotions, new menu items, special events, or just say hello! Not only do 91% of consumers check their email daily but _Belly’s open rate is 15-20% higher than the industry average. _By reaching as many people as possible, your business is more likely to come to mind when it’s time to make a decision.

Promote Customer Appreciation Events

Customer appreciation events are a great way to improve your customers’ perception of your business – it invites them to get to know you and your staff on a more personal level. Host a customer appreciation event where you offer something fun and experiential, like lessons or tastings. Generate even more excitement by offering a raffle for prizes to those in attendance. For increased traffic over a longer period of time, a Customer Appreciation Day (or week or weekend) with discounts or complimentary items can be just as effective. The limited time frame can also create a sense of urgency that pushes your customers to return faster. Appreciation events establish a very positive buzz around your business and provide an inviting message to send to your customers. It’s summertime, so have a sidewalk sale or a cookout!

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