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Influence Customer Activity with Closed-Loop Email Marketing

So we’ve made it pretty clear that emailing your customers is important. (Still not convinced? Read “8 Reasons To Email Your Customers”.) But blasting them with content and twiddling your thumbs while you wait for them to come back to your business is not an effective way to operate. You need an email tool that not only tracks each email’s performance but also customer responses. Here are the functions that your email tool should have for the greatest impact on your customers:

Customer Segmentation

Every customer is unique, so shouldn’t your email marketing acknowledge that? What brings back one type of customer won’t apply to all of them. Instead, segment your customers and send them emails based on how often they’ve visited your business. Tailor your email content to each customer group to ensure that you’re communicating with them to the best of your ability. For example: Invite back folks who haven’t stopped by in a few months with a “We Miss Your Face” email and let them know about your updated menu. Influence their engagement with your business in a way that will most greatly affect them.

With Belly, you can run a ‘Bring ‘Em Back’ email campaign to customers who haven’t been back recently. Incentivize them with an offer that will encourage them to reengage with your business.

Digital Coupons

Want to know the easiest way to influence customer behavior? Give them something for free! Your email tool should have the ability to send digital coupons to your customers that can be tracked upon redemption. Not sure what to give away? Offer up one of the rewards in your loyalty program that could use some extra love, or create something timely and new for your customers to try. “Red, White & Blueberry Smoothie” sounds a lot more fun than “Raspberry, Coconut, Blueberry Smoothie” doesn’t it? By being able to create and send “coupons”, you can immediately grab your customers’ attention and drive them into your business. Track what has the greatest impact (see below) and repeat!

Announce Promotions or Events

There’s always something going on at your business but the tricky part is making sure your customers know about it. Alert them via email about limited-time offers or events for increased visibility of what’s on your calendar. Sidewalk Sales, Weekend Specials, and “1/2 Off Tacos on Tuesday” are promotions you can quickly put together to bring your customers in if you have the ability to contact them directly.

Track Customer Activity

The trouble with many email marketing tools is that they lack detailed customer activity reports. It’s great to see how many customers opened and clicked your email, but you really want to know who actually came into your store. With Belly’s email tool, when you email your customers a reward or offer to try, you can easily measure how many customers came in to redeem it. By having this additional layer of insight into how your customers responded to an email, you can either iterate for improved results or duplicate it if you liked the customer activity it generated.

Drive Social Media Growth

Sometimes the customer activity you want to influence isn’t related to your business at all, or at least not your physical business establishment. Drive activity to your online storefront: your social media accounts. As we’ve learned, nearly 2 in 3 SMBs report that social media exposure helps them attract new customers (view our infographic here). Send targeted emails to encourage your customers to follow your social media accounts with Belly’s tool. Get more fans and followers on FacebookTwitter, Yelp, Foursquare & Instagram.


Your customers love your business for a reason. It’s important that your email tool is customizable so that your customers can trust that the communication is coming from YOU, not a marketing agency. Be sure to use a tool that lets you create the content and upload any images, giving it that personal touch your loyal customers have come to recognize.

Optimized Deliverability

It doesn’t matter if you’ve sent hundreds of emails, EVERYONE still has a moment of panic after they hit “Send.” Are there any spelling errors, was the email sent to the right customers, will your customers be annoyed and never come back ever, ever again? If you’re using Belly’s email tool, you can relax! First of all, every email you create is approved by your dedicated Merchant Success Manager who knows your business best. They’ll alert you if anything isn’t in line with our brand standards and needs a bit of fine tuning. Belly’s tool also ensures optimized deliverability, meaning that your email will be sent at the best time on the date you selected so that it will get the highest open rate.

Don’t send your emails into the dark unknown of your customers’ inboxes. Use an email marketing tool that gives you the customer activity your business needs!

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