Loyalty Program

Use of our technology and iPad to serve as a customer loyalty program. Belly will provide the iPad, technology, case, lock and stand as well as physical cards for business to utilize as a custom loyalty program.

Email Promotions

Pursuant to each individual agreement, merchants can promote to users that check in at their individual business through email promotions. Belly retains the right to the email addresses to protect the security of each individual user.

Customer Data

Access to customer data, including check-in frequency, time of day, time of week, total users, total check ins, customer growth over time, reward redemptions and games won per day. Belly, at the request of each business and upon full year agreement, will provide a unique dashboard for client login to view statistics and analytics.

Inclusion on the iPhone / Android App

  • Discovery Within App
  • Categorization based on business type to allow user search and discovery
  • Placed on the map page as a way for users to see locations nearby
  • Selection of Flop’s Fav Reward
  • Email, website, phone number displayed
  • List of customized rewards

Additional Programs

Belly can provide, for additional agreed upon terms, the following services:

  • Social Promotions: Business promoted through our social networks
  • Additional Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Inclusion on our website: Inclusion on the homepage of the website with picture, name and special messaging to gain exposure to Belly user base.
  • In-Store Promotion: Ability for store owners to set up special promos on the iPad that displays marketing messages and information to customers in-store
  • Marketing Materials: Additional in store marketing materials to promote rewards and in store products
  • Video: Shoot, edit and deliver a professional video customized to your business

I got 99 problems, but rewards ain’t one!

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