Leader in customer loyalty launches new marketing tools for retailers

Chicago, IL – Belly’s vision of making businesses personal has expanded today with the launch of Belly Complete, its comprehensive marketing suite. With Belly’s customer loyalty solution as the driver, businesses can now utilize their program’s data to connect their online marketing initiatives to their offline customer visits.

This new product offering launches right after a major announcement from Apple. During the company’s July 21st earnings call, Apple CFO Luca Maestri mentioned that they are working with select mobility partners, which Belly is part of, to drive business transformation across iOS devices. Belly’s integration with the other included technology companies will enable businesses to put the unique capabilities of iPad to work within their organizations quicker and easier. As a signed partner, Belly will provide its expanded product to an even wider network of retail businesses.

“By always focusing on building the best product for the businesses we partner with, we’ve redefined how businesses engage with their customers,” said Logan LaHive, Founder and CEO of Belly. “We’re excited to work with Apple to transform how retailers use their iOS devices to drive their business forward.”

Currently, Belly works with over 10,000 local businesses and enterprise partners, including 7-Eleven, to power their iPad-based customer loyalty programs. By connecting to their customers digitally, businesses gain access to insightful customer data to power their marketing programs. With Belly Complete, this cohesive suite of loyalty, email, social media, mobile and customer acquisition tools facilitate enhanced customer relationships. Notable additions include:

Auto-Engage Belly’s marketing automation tool takes the customer data collected through each business’s loyalty program and leverages it to send actionable campaigns on the merchant’s behalf. Businesses can incentivize customers to come back by setting up triggered offers that will automatically send based on their buying history. First Visit, At Risk and Lapsed come standard, and have shown to reactivate a merchant’s customer base each month.

Campaigns Belly’s email marketing product is the first of its kind that can track an email’s performance from time sent through to the customer’s in-store visit. Dynamic email campaigns can be created in under 3 minutes with custom templates that align with a merchant’s marketing goals. Merchants can segment customers based on their Belly engagement and can even send rewards via email to bring those customers back in. Prior to Campaigns, there was no simple way for businesses to measure how effective email communications were at bringing in customers. Now, they can see how many customers visited their business from a single email interaction.

Belly Bites “Belly Bites”TM is a customer acquisition product that taps into Belly’s network of over 6 million members. Businesses can offer a free sample of a signature product or service to customers in their neighborhood who have never visited. Belly promotes the offer through web, mobile and email to deliver new customers in-store. Merchants can access their Bite’s performance to view how many impressions each offer received, as well as how many visits and repeat customers it drove.

Belly Complete also includes social integrations, reputation management, email list upload capabilities, customizations to fit each business’s personality and more.

LaHive added, “What we’re launching today is an extensive suite of products to help businesses build customer relationships and keep them coming back. By working with Apple, we have the opportunity to distribute world-class marketing tools and custom loyalty solutions to even more businesses.”


About Belly:

Belly’s industry-leading mobile platform has redefined the loyalty space by offering customizable, unique rewards programs backed by a seamless marketing solution. Belly makes it easy and affordable for businesses to engage customers with memorable in-store experiences and build lasting relationships. Through digital connections, businesses gain access to customer data and a suite of innovative tools to track their marketing efforts. Belly is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and received funding from Andreessen Horowitz, Silicon Valley Bank, Lightbank, NEA, DAG Ventures, Cisco, and 7–Ventures, LLC (a subsidiary of 7-Eleven, Inc.). For more information, visit www.bellycard.com.

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