Leading Loyalty Platform Upgrades Design, Adds Facebook / Yelp Integration; New In–store Command Center Brings Advanced Data and On–Demand Marketing Campaigns

Chicago (6/12/13) Belly, the industry leading customer loyalty and marketing platform, will release today an updated and redesigned merchant application that will further help Belly partner locations drive new and repeat business through an expanded platform that solidifies the company as the leader in not just the loyalty space, but in transitioning traditional offline experiences in–store and bringing them online.

Belly’s new Command Center enables merchants to track their loyalty programs’ customer data and behavior, activate marketing campaigns with one tap and view deep analytics directly from their in–store Belly tablet. Merchants can easily adjust loyalty points to a customer’s account as well as view customer history, data and demographics. Merchants can identify who their top customers are and reward them accordingly.

The new platform’s advanced algorithms will target and prompt Yelp reviews to a store’s most loyal customers. Beta testing revealed that this feature has already helped select merchants drive up to 10 new reviews per week, all from their most loyal customers. This yields a measurable increase to their overall Yelp rating and, according to Yelp, a one star improvement drives between 5% to 9% more revenue.

A similar functionality has also been added for Facebook, delivering ‘Likes’ to that business’s Facebook Page right from the in–store tablet, making it simple for repeat customers to digitally connect with their favorite places. Merchants can now actively grow their digital presence with smart tools inside their storefronts.

Belly Bites, the highly successful free sampling platform that helps acquire new customers, will also be expanding. Already proven to increase repeat customer visits by 30% to 70%, Bites have delivered nearly half a million “free samples” to prospective new customers.

Combining this feature with their existing Belly loyalty program allows merchants to target new customers by offering them a free sample of a product or service, track return visits and drive these new customers back for continued business. Belly Bites use the best hyper–local and mobile marketing loyalty program to create the first closed loop customer acquisition and retention platform.

By integrating with Google Wallet, Apple Passbook, and Samsung Wallet, Belly has become the most universal loyalty solution for mobile. For small to medium size local businesses, Belly is the gateway to the latest tech advancements, making participation easy and accessible for all.

These new features enable Belly’s growing network of 6,000 merchants to enhance connections with their customers and give them more than just rewards they’ll love. With these updated tools, customers and storeowners alike are benefitting from the loyalty solution that only Belly can offer.

To get started with Belly for any size business, go to www.getbelly.com. Consumers can check out bellycard.com or download the Belly app.

About Belly

Belly is the leading loyalty platform in the country. With thousands of merchants, Belly revolutionizes traditional loyalty concepts and works with each business to design a customized, unique rewards suite their customers actually want. Using a tablet and single card or iPhone or Android app, Belly unlocks new opportunities for customer engagement and digital advocacy. Belly is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and received funding from Andreessen Horowitz and Lightbank. For more information, visit www.bellycard.com.