There are certain holiday movies that you have to see for societal acceptance. Flop put together this list to spare us all public humiliation.

A Christmas Story

Box Of Moments Includes: Bunny Slippers, Leg Lamp, Ovaltine, Soap, DVD

Home Alone


Box Of Moments Includes: $100 American Airlines Gift Card, Mac & Cheese, Shaving Kit, Something French, DVD

A Rugrats Chanukah

Source: Wikipedia

Box Of Moments Includes: Borscht, Dreidels, Rugrats Holiday Classics CD, VHS Of Episode

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation


Box Of Moments Includes: Glass Moose Mug & Turtleneck, Christmas Lights, Plastic Outdoor Reindeer, Eggnog Recipe, Santa Hat, DVD


Box Of Moments Includes: NYC Taxi, Elf: A Short Story of a Tall Tale Book, Jack-In-The-Box, Buddy’s Food Groups, DVD

The Santa Clause


Box Of Moments Includes: Santa Suit, Snow Globe, Denny’s Gift Card, Tinsel (not just for decoration), DVD

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